Where Was The Book of Henry Filmed?

Helmed by filmmaker Colin Trevorrow of ‘Safety Not Guaranteed‘ and ‘Jurassic World’ franchise fame, ‘The Book of Henry’ is a quirky, compelling, and somewhat melancholic drama film revolving around an unlikely family. The 2017 movie revolves around a laid-back single mother, Susan, who has to rely on her 11-year-old son Henry for keeping an eye on finances. Henry is a child prodigy who has a special feeling for his neighbor Christina.

Christina is a shy and reserved adolescent kid who is abused by her father. The Child Protective Services are rigged, and Henry leaves in his wake an elaborate plan to take the influential father down. Things do not turn out according to the plan, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Most of the narrative unfolds in a picturesque suburban setting, and if you seek to know the locations where the film was shot, consider us your ally.

The Book of Henry Filming Locations

‘The Book of Henry’ was filmed in its entirety in the US, especially in New York. Filming commenced in September 2015 and was wrapped up by November of the same year. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the film was shot!

Williston Park, New York

The majority of the filming was carried out in the serene and picturesque suburbs of Williston Park, an incorporated village in Long Island in the state of New York. Susan, the character of Naomi Watts, works at a restaurant as a waitress. The Hildebrandt’s Restaurant where she works is an actual location. The beloved 1920s classic soda shop diner is located at 84 Hillside Avenue in the village.

The crew took some additional shots along the shadowy Cross Street to get the magical feel needed for the movie. Henry’s house is also seemingly located somewhere in this area, but unfortunately, we cannot pin it down.

Garden City, New York

Most of the film is set in a sleepy suburban area, and the production unit filmed the majority of sequences in provincial areas in the state of New York. The filming crew also took a tour to the suburban area of Garden City to film a few crucial segments. Henry and his brother study in the fictional Cavalry Elementary School. However, the school scenes were actually filmed at the Stewart Avenue Elementary School, a primary educational institution located at 501 Stewart Avenue in the town.

Westchester County, New York

A few key scenes were filmed amidst the scenic landscape of Westchester County in the state of New York. Towards the middle, Henry passes through a bridge on his way to the woodhouse. The scene was filmed at Croton Gorge Park, located at 35 Yorktown Road in the village of Croton-On-Hudson. The bridge shown in the film is, in reality, the New Croton Dam.

The production unit also visited Mount Vernon, a major urban hub around 30 miles away from Croton-On-Hudson in the same county. Although the filming locations in the area remain unclear, the crew set up their equipment in and around the city – on Roosevelt Square West, Prospect Avenue, Stevens Avenue, Elm Avenue, North 3rd Avenue, and Park Avenue.

Nyack, New York

Some crucial sequences were filmed in the village of Nyack in the Rockland County of New York state. The locations assume a special character in the film, and the story becomes more compelling as it unfolds in the sleepy New York suburbs. In November, the team took a trip to the small and picturesque idylls of Nyack to record some scenes. Filming was carried out on Division Avenue in the area.

Bethpage, New York

Although most of the sequences were filmed on location, additional touches and some interior segments were carried out in the hamlet of Bethpage in the middle of Long Island. The studio work was predominantly carried out here, in a controlled environment. Grumman Studios lent its premises to carry out the bulk of the production work. The sound stage complex and video production hub is located at 500 Grumman Road West in Bethpage.

Image Credit: Google Street View

New York City, New York

Moreover, a few key scenes were filmed in the urban jungle of New York City, one of the most coveted urban filming locations in the whole country. The Manhattan skyline has been an iconic symbol of the modern metropolis, and while we never see the skyline in the film, the crew shot a few scenes in and around the district of Manhattan in downtown New York City.

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