Where Was The Devil Below Filmed?

Directed by Bradley Parker, ‘The Devil Below’ (originally titled ‘Shookum Hills’) is a horror film that follows a group of researchers who are on an expedition to locate the small mining town of Shookum Hills, which has disappeared from maps for years after a deadly fire blazed the coal mines. As they investigate the mines, they realize they are up against a monster and must do everything in their power to survive. If you are wondering where the film was shot to create the facade of the eerie and isolated fictional town of Shookum Hills, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about the filming locations of ‘The Devil Below.’

The Devil Below Filming Locations

Principal photography on ‘The Devil Below’ commenced in late March 2018 and was likely wrapped up by May of the same year. The film was predominantly shot on location in the southern state of Kentucky. Let’s take a closer look at the movie’s filming spots.

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is the primary filming location of the movie. The cast and crew shot scenes across various parts of the city located in Jefferson county. While not traditionally a coal mining city, Louisville’s proximity to the Appalachian mountain range makes it an ideal filming location.

Historically, coal mining has been an important industry in Kentucky. One of the biggest coal-fired power plants in the state, Mill Creek Generating Station, is located in Louisville. The city also has a rustic feel which is an ideal vibe for shooting a horror film. Indie horror movies filmed in the city include ‘Family Blood,’ ‘Becoming,’ and ‘Death Tunnel.’

Apart from its appeal as a filming destination for indie movies, the city also has a rich cultural heritage and played an important role during the Civil War. Local attractions include Kentucky Derby, Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, and The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. The fireworks during the popular Kentucky Derby Festival are also a sight to behold.

Mount Vernon, Kentucky

Mount Vernon, located in Rockcastle County, stands as the double for the rural town of Shookum Hills for multiple scenes in the movie. The filming crew beautifully captured the town’s remote and isolated vibe that helped in creating the facade of the fictional town. Mount Vernon is known for having a small population of roughly 2,500 people. Fishing is a popular activity in the town, and Lake Lineville, which is close by, is a popular fishing spot.

Berea, Kentucky

The production team also filmed a few scenes of ‘The Devil Below’ in the city of Berea in Madison County. Located about 110 miles southeast of Louisville, the city is best known for its art festivals and is also dubbed the Art and Craft Capital of Kentucky. The famous Berea College, a private college of liberal arts and sciences situated at 101 Chestnut Street in Berea, seemingly served as one of the filming sites of the film.

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