Where Was The Man from Snowy River Filmed?

‘The Man from Snowy River’ features lush landscapes, horse ranches, and a hero proving his worth to a society that wrongfully penalizes him. A perfect recipe for a western complete with a resonant score and stellar acting by Kirk Douglas, the film rightfully put Australian cinema on the world map, making Hollywood take notice. The 1982 film tells the story of Jim Craig, an 18-year-old lad who, following his father’s death, comes down to the lowlands hoping to earn respect and some money.

Soon, Jim finds a job in the horse ranch of Mr. Harrison, whose brother has been a close acquaintance of Jim’s father. However, Jim falls in love with Harrison’s daughter Jessica, gets blamed for a colt that gets stolen from Harrison’s farm, and earns retribution by returning the whole Brumby herd to Harrison. Set in the heart of Australian bush-land, ‘The Man from Snowy River’ is a captivating western that flaunts entrancing terrains and raging stallions. If you want to know more about the filming location, we have you covered.

The Man from Snowy River Filming Locations

‘The Man from Snowy River’ was filmed in Australia, specifically in Victoria in and around March 1981. With snow-capped mountains, stretches of barren land, lush green valleys, and turquoise oceans, Australia is one of the most sought-after locations for film production companies. Moreover, the land Down Under showcases an intricate tapestry of cultures, including a vibrant film industry of its own.

While foreign directors are lured by the country’s spectacular scenery and lucrative government funding, indigenous directors like George Miller are primarily preoccupied to present before the global audience the native culture of Australia. Let us now take a look at the specific locations where the film is shot.

Victoria, Australia

‘The Man from Snowy River’ was shot in its entirety in the Victorian High Country. Principal filming locations include Jim Craig’s mountain cabin AKA Craig’s Hut, situated atop Mt. Sterling, on Mt. Buller around 40-50 km from Mansfield, and Jessica’s Cliff (the place where the hero saves Jessica), at Hells Window on Mt. Magdala. Made specifically for the film, the iconic Craig’s Hut was destroyed in a bushfire in 2006 and was rebuilt in 2008.

Image Credit: Google Street View

Other locations in the film include Mount Stirling, depicted in the scene where the wild mares gallop through the snow, and Hoqwua River, along which the riders are seen to be chasing the brumbies.

Image Credit: Google Street View

Mount Kosciuszko of New South Wales, the home of Jim and his father, according to the narrative of the film, was replaced in reality by the Victorian Alps, a decision which was logistically more plausible for the production team. A few interior shots were taken at Melbourne Film Studios in Port Melbourne, while several scenes were shot at a property at Buttercup Road in Merrijig that stood in for Harrison’s Homestead.

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