Where Was The Map of Tiny Perfect Things Filmed?

‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’ follows Mark, a teenager who is ungrudgingly living the same day in an endless loop. Although he is content with his incomprehensible lifestyle, Mark’s life turns upside-down when he meets Margaret. She is stuck in the same temporal predicament as Mark. But both approach their Sisyphean day in their own ways. For Mark, the knowledge of the endless loop does not warrant any critical thought, as he uses his foresight to get a girlfriend or pull some pranks. On the other hand, Margaret has given her situation serious thought.

As they both come together to find answers, Margaret has some reasons for not wanting to ever see the next day. In contrast, Mark is just hoping to get Margaret to kiss him. Viewers who are unfamiliar with temporal-anomaly films and shows will probably find ‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’ interesting. The actors have done an impressive job of bringing the ambitious project to fruition. If you are fascinated by the plot of ‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’ you might wanna know where the movie was shot. Here’s everything we know

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things Filming Locations

‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’ was filmed in Alabama, United States. The movie was about to finish its filming when the coronavirus pandemic struck the world. With only two days of shooting left, the filming had to be delayed.

The movie resumed shooting a few months later and wrapped up in October 2020 by following coronavirus regulations with strict quarantine. Let’s take a look at the specific filming locations!

Fairhope, Alabama

Fairhope is the primary filming location, and all major scenes in the movie were shot there. The crew of ‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’ started preparing for the shoot on Pier Avenue near downtown in February 2020. Most of the scenes in the movie are shot on the Eastern Shore in Fairhope.

When the production team received the approval of the city council members to film in the downtown business district, there was an outcry that the filming might hurt business. But the crew was sympathetic to the concerns of the business owners and decided to schedule production in a manner that they don’t hurt anyone’s work.

Mobile, Alabama

Once the filming in Fairhope was concluded, the crew then went to another city in Alabama. Fourteen miles from Fairhope, several important scenes of ‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’ were shot in Mobile, Alabama. Regarded as the cultural center of the Gulf Coast, Mobile has several historic architectures and art museums. A few scenes were shot at the Dew Drop Inn Restaurant, located at 1808 Old Shell Road, in Mobile.

The city was considered ideal for shooting because of its proximity to Fairhope, the primary filming location. The movie finished shooting in the middle of the global coronavirus pandemic, despite the challenges. Even with the shooting delays and other major production problems, the director, Ian Samuels, has done a brilliant job.

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