Where Was The Woods Filmed?

The Netflix adaptation of Harlan Coben’s ‘The Stranger‘ received a fairly optimistic response from viewers and critics alike. Now, the streaming giant is again bringing another adaptation of Coben’s books, titled ‘The Woods’, to the viewers, which has been created by Polish directors Leszek Dawid and Bartosz Konopka. The series centers around Paweł Kopiński, whose sister was once lost in the woods near a summer camp and was later suspected to be dead. While Paweł still grieves his loss, some new evidence regarding his sister’s case surfaces and makes him realize that she could still be alive.

Just like ‘The Stranger’ viewers can expect ‘The Woods’ to have a twisty storyline that keeps you entertained throughout its runtime. But apart from its intriguing crime premise, another aspect of ‘The Woods’ that further heightens its tension is its dark forest setup. The hostile yet fascinating atmosphere of the show will certainly make many viewers wonder where it was filmed. So further down in this article, we’ll be revealing the primary filming locations of the series. Read on.

The Woods Filming Locations

As the title of the series suggests, it is set in the backdrop of dense woodlands that serve as the perfect backdrop for a thriller like ‘The Woods.’ Unlike ‘The Stranger’, ‘The Woods’ comes from a Polish production called ATM Grupa S.A. and all of its filming took place in Poland, near Warsaw. As mentioned earlier, ‘The Woods’ is an adaptation of a book of the same name by Harlan Coben. In one of his interviews, the author expressed his excitement about collaborating with a Polish crew and reaching a whole new audience through his novels. “I’m so proud to be teaming up with this incredible cast and crew from Poland – and helping introduce their brilliant work to Netflix’s global audience, he said.

Warsaw, Poland

Unfortunately, no official details regarding the filming locations of the series have been released. But in one of his old interviews with Variety, Harlan Coben had explained that Poland’s adaptation of his novel is going to be very different from his American adaptation of ‘The Stranger.’ When he was asked about all the changes that he had to make to his original storyline, he revealed that since ‘The Woods’ is set in a Polish Summer Camp in the series, which are quite different from American Summer Camps, he had to bring in some relevant changes based on the setup of the series.

‘The Woods’ from Netflix Poland is really different from “The Stranger,” much more atmospheric and moody and centered on two characters, it’s really beautifully done,he further added. According to its official Wikipedia page, the filming for ‘The Woods’ was wrapped up in December 2019 itself, after which, its post-production was carried out. Although almost none of the cast members of the series have revealed anything about the filming of the show on their social media, here are a few pictures from the sets of the series that were released earlier this year:

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