Where Was Tremors: Shrieker Island Filmed?

‘Tremors: Shrieker Island’ is a monster film about the subterranean species called Graboid. It showcases the chaos that occurs when four such creatures are procured illegally so that a rich playboy and his Silicon Valley groupmates can indulge in a game of trophy hunting. Hunter Burt Gummer, who is brought to life by Michael Gross, is tasked with saving the day. The action movie is the seventh film in the franchise, and if you’re curious about where it was filmed, we have got you covered.

Tremors: Shrieker Island Filming Locations

Thailand is a country of beautiful beaches, breathtaking royal palaces, and pristine temples. Located in Southeast Asia, the country also served as the venue for shooting ‘Tremors: Shrieker Island.’ For the uninitiated, the fifth movie features the African terrain, whereas the sixth installment takes us to the Arctic. The lead actor, Michael Gross, really enjoyed the fact that he got to explore a new location every time, and he also said that it was a lot of fun.


In an interview, Gross stated that the filming took place on the outlying islands in the South of Thailand, bordering the Malaysian peninsula. Filming started in November 2019 and ceased after a month. The resort town of Krabi also features in the movie, as is evident from the cast and crews’ Instagram feeds. It is also noteworthy that when the shoot commenced, the movie was titled ‘Island Fury.’ The current name was settled upon in August 2020.

When asked about how this film is different from its predecessors, Gross stated, “Well, first of all, one of the obvious things, this has always been a dry land desert sort of thing. And now, suddenly, we’re in the jungles. We’re looking for ways to expand locations and things like that and interest, and also make these things scarier because in some senses they’re not limited to being desert dwellers.”

He added, “We’ve now been in the Arctic tundra, and so we’re now taking it to jungle areas. In fact, a South Pacific Island.” He concluded by saying that he has been a part of the franchise for 30 years and that after a certain age, the genre captivated his interest even more. John Heder, who also stars in the sci-fi venture as Jimmy, posted a team photo to his Instagram account on the day the shooting wrapped up.

The caption reads: “Thailand was amazing, but the best part of making movies is the people you meet and the friends you make. To name a few, thank you @actormichaelgross @langrishecaroline @jackiecruz @cassie.clare1 @donmichaelpaul020 @richbrake for joining me in fighting monsters, eating incredible food, speeding down Thai country roads on bikes, hopping islands, dodging monkeys, visiting tiger temples, climbing thousands of mountain stairs, and discovering hidden beaches.”

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