Where Was Whiplash Filmed?

Director Damien Chazelle envisioned the epic musical psychological drama movie ‘Whiplash’ from his critically acclaimed eponymous 2013 short film. Drawing on his years in a highly competitive jazz band, Chazelle created the story of Andrew Neiman, a first-year student finding it hard to adjust to the fast-paced environment at the prestigious Shaffer Conservatory in New York City.

In the film, the overbearing instructor Terence Fletcher sees talent in Andrew and pushes him to his limits to perfect his skills. While a brilliant character study on what makes an artist, the multiple Academy Award-winning 2014 movie also realistically explores the niche underground jazz scene of NYC. Now, if you seek to know more about the places where the movie was shot, allow us to take you to the destinations.

Whiplash Filming Locations

‘Whiplash’ was filmed in California and New York, especially in Los Angeles and New York City. Principal photography commenced in September 2013 and was completed in 17 days. Sharone Meir, the cinematographer of ‘Mean Creek’ and ‘Coach Carter,’ came on board as the director of photography, while Melanie Jones (‘The Dirt’ and ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’) joined the team as the production designer.

For manifold reasons, California is an ideal haven for the filmmaking business. The state’s history is intricately linked to the history of cinema, which accounts for the state’s cultural and demographic vibrance. Furthermore, the state government features enticing tax incentive programs to lure producers and filmmakers into the state. Let us now explore the specific locations where the movie was lensed.

New York City, New York

For a significant portion of on-location filming, the cast and crew headed to sample the heritage of New York City. Several exterior shots were taken around the Manhattan district of the Big Apple. Significantly, the team set up cameras outside the coeducational PreK-8 Manhattan Country School, tucked away at 150 West 85th Street in Manhattan. However, the Shaffer Observatory in the movie, which houses the best jazz ensemble in the country, according to Andrew, is entirely fictional.

Some exterior scenes were possibly taped in the Mannes School of Music (The New School) at 55 West 13th Street in midtown New York. Furthermore, the exterior shots of Andrew’s first on-stage performance were captured at the iconic Carnegie Hall (originally the Music Hall). Situated at 881 7th Avenue, the landmark event venue flaunts Renaissance Revival architecture. According to a much-plausible theory, the Shaffer Conservatory is based on the prestigious Juilliard School. Therefore, some filming may have seemingly taken place outside the world-famous institution at 60 Lincoln Center Plaza.

Los Angeles County, California

Despite the movie being set in New York City, the team lensed a significant chunk of sequences across Los Angeles County, especially in the City of Angels. The cerebral performance sequence was shot entirely in the Orpheum Theater, which stands for the interior of the Carnegie Hall. Located at 842 South Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles, the venue’s decor gives a timeless feel. Thus, it is an excellent stand-in for Carnegie Hall.

Additional portions were recorded around the historic Palace Theatre at 630 South Broadway in the downtown district. Yet another prominent location featured in the movie is the Barclay Hotel, a 2-star tourist accommodation at 103 West 4th Street in the city. Lastly, filming also took place at 24347 Main Street in Santa Clarita, a city north of Los Angeles in the same county.

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