You Hurt My Feelings: Every Filming Location Explored

‘You Hurt My Feelings’ is a drama film that revolves around Beth, a writer who is anxious about publishing her next book after a somewhat well-received memoir, and her husband Dan, a psychiatrist who seems to be worried about not being able to relate with some of his younger patients. But despite all this, the two of them are happy in their marriage to one another until one day, Dan reveals that he doesn’t like any of his wife’s drafts.

Suddenly, everything that has been between them turns into a lie, and there’s even more turmoil in their lives. Directed by Nicole Holofcener, the film features Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tobias Menzies, Arian Moayed, and Michaela Watkins. A lot of the narrative involves the characters talking to each other at beautiful places or simply going out to get away from it all down picturesque streets.

You Hurt My Feelings: Where Was it Filmed?

‘You Hurt My Feelings’ was lensed entirely on location in and around New York City. The principal photography began in May 2022. Comprising five boroughs with Manhattan at its core, New York City has long been the setting for an end number of films and television shows. Each neighborhood adds something new to the soul of the city and makes it the vibrant cultural hub that people across the world see on their screens. Now, let us see the specific areas in this beautiful city that were used to capture ‘You Hurt My Feelings.’

Manhattan, New York City

The film has been primarily lensed in the Manhattan area of New York City, with many notable places showing up in the film that would be easily recognizable to the people living there. One of the most pivotal scenes in the film – in which Beth overhears Dan talking about how he thinks her new novel is terribly written – takes place outside of Paragon Sports, located on 867 Broadway in Midtown Manhattan.

Even before this, the audience sees Beth going into 192 Books, a cozy bookstore in Chelsea on the West Side of Manhattan. Another notable location in the film is the famous La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, where some of the characters in the film go to see a play. The theatre was established in 1961 in Manhattan’s East Village. Speaking about his experience filming in New York City with Collider, actor Arian Moayed said, “We were shooting outside of Paragon and some gentleman, who was wearing a mask at the time – The PA is like, ‘Please, can you move out of this shot because this won’t work?’”

Moayed added, “And the guy said, ‘Move to a studio!’ And then we’re like, ‘Okay, well, New York, here we go, baby.’ I mean, that’s the beauty of shooting in New York, on location in New York is just the most exciting, dangerous, insane – especially if you have no money, then it’s really like, ‘Good luck out there!’ It’s just a fun experiment.”

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