Where was Zone 414 Filmed?

‘Zone 414’ follows retired detective David Carmichael, who is hired by an eccentric businessman with a missing daughter. Set in a twisted world where humans use state-of-the-art humanoid androids to live out their darkest fantasies, the sci-fi film‘s protagonist and his companion – an android plagued by nightmares and fear – gradually unravel the case of the missing girl.

The film’s backdrop is a seedy, industrial land that highlights the grim state of affairs and gives the movie much of its distinctly noir look. We also get glimpses of a dark, futuristic city encompassing the titular compound known as “Robot City.” Are you wondering where ‘Zone 414’ was filmed? We’ve got all the details!

Zone 414 Filming Locations

‘Zone 414’ was shot entirely in Northern Ireland using both on-location and studio filming. The film was initially set to be shot in Belgrade, Serbia, but production was then diverted to Northern Ireland for financial reasons. Incidentally, all of the film’s post-production work was carried out in Dublin, Ireland. Principal photography seemingly began in early 2020 and wrapped up by the end of the month. However, a few additional shots seemed to have been filmed later in 2020. Now let’s take a look at the specific filming locations used to bring the dark sci-fi movie to life.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

The film was shot predominantly in the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland, most notably at the iconic Titanic Studios. Situated on Queens Road in the Titanic Quarter, Titanic Studios is well known for hosting the production of ‘Game of Thrones‘ for multiple seasons and likely provided ‘Zone 414’ with a lot of its stylized backdrop.

As per reports, on-location filming was undertaken in Belfast at the Portview Trade Centre on 310 Newtownards Road and in the Tomb Street Car Park on 18-36 Tomb Street. The Lagan Weir, which crosses the River Lagan, was also used for filming, as was the Titanic Hotel located on Queens Road in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast.

Some outdoor lensing seemingly occurred on McCaughey Road and May Street. Lastly, the production team shot a few scenes at the East Belfast Yacht Club, situated at 4 Sydenham By-Pass. Sources suggested that a few sequences were also shot at the Europa Hotel, a four-star hotel on Great Victoria Street.

Other Locations in Northern Ireland

Apparently, the KBL Mill, located in the nearby town of Ballyclare in County Antrim, was used for filming. In addition, the majestic Glenarm Castle, situated on 2 Castle Lane in the village of Glenarm, hosted the production crew. It is known to be the ancestral home of the Earl of Antrim. Scenes featuring Marlon Veidt’s opulent home were likely shot at the gorgeous property. A few scenes were seemingly shot in and around the historic Londonderry Arms Hotel on 20 Harbour Road in the town of Ballymena in County Antrim.

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