MAFS Season 13: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Relationships always require communication, devotion, responsibility, and trust, but that gets incredibly complex when the people involved agree to tie the knot at a very nascent stage. Just ask anyone from ‘Married at First Sight’ because they experience a rollercoaster of emotions within a short amount of time. After all, they marry an absolute stranger, go on a proper honeymoon, and live together for around eight weeks before they have to determine whether they’ve found their forever partner or not. So now, let’s uncover where the couples from season 13 stand today, shall we?

Michaela and Zack: Separated

Although the immediate spark between Michaela Clark and Zack Freeman at their wedding was indisputable, his COVID-19 diagnosis right after they arrived on their honeymoon derailed everything. She ended up going back to Houston to avoid contagion, and from then on, it was nothing but sheer drama in their union. From petty arguments to breakdowns, they had it all. However, they gradually fell in love, and on Decision Day, Michaela said yes to staying married. Zack, however, said no, yet added that he wanted them to be a couple anyways because they did establish a deeper bond.

“Michaela, I hope you never look back at the time we spent together with remorse,” Zack said. “You made me a better man, and for this, I’m forever grateful. I actually see today as the beginning for us, the beginning of something new and something better.” He continued, “Everything we’ve been through, every fight, argument, leave out, laugh, cry, hurricane, meal together — all of it was worth it…Thank you for loving me, and I can honestly say I love you too.” Michaela defended Zack’s decision later on, which made us think they could continue being together, but it doesn’t look like it worked out.

Rachel and José: Still Married

Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel Jr.’s connection was nothing short of tumultuous, especially with him wanting to treat his partner almost like a child in the name of care and their mutual hesitation in opening up to each other. When Rachel mistakenly called him by another man’s name, they even had a fight that threatened to ruin it all. Not only did José lock her out of their home for the night, but Rachel also slept at an ex’s place because she had nowhere else to go. Of course, this only led to more tension and conflicts before the two recognized they needed to do a lot better to make their marriage thrive.

Eventually, Rachel and José got the breakthrough they needed and chose to stay married on Decision Day. Since both their social media profiles are set on private as of writing, we don’t have any updates regarding what the couple is up to these days, but it’s probable that they’re still placing effort into their marriage. Their passions, ambitions, and intellect also seem to align, primarily because while Rachel is a Special Education Evaluator and Teacher, José is a NASA Mission Flight Specialist and a Real Estate Flipper and Investor. In short, Rachel and José are together for the long haul.

Bao and Johnny: Separated

Bao Huong Hoang and Johnny Lam’s alliance was one for the books, yet not in a good way. After he cheerfully exclaimed, “I know her!” on their wedding day, it initially looked like they were meant to be, only for time to twist everything. Johnny soon began feeling like his companion was too immature for him, whereas Bao claimed that her husband tended to self-sabotage. Despite holding a beautiful and traditional tea ceremony, where it appeared as if their ideals matched, all their disagreements shattered that impression in the blink of an eye. Gradually, they demonstrated just how different they were.

On Decision Day, Bao admitted that she truly struggled to figure out what was wrong in their marriage and how to communicate effectively, adding that Johnny didn’t help either. “I do feel in many ways that you’ve been running from the marriage,” she said. “It bothered me because I feel like I’m kind of silent. I’m not saying what’s on my mind. In some weird way, I feel like there’s been moments in my marriage that I feel like I’ve lost my voice and that’s just not who I identify as.” Thus, she said no to staying together, and it seems like they’ve parted ways for good.

Myrla and Gil: Unclear

Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero were probably the most incompatible couple on ‘Married at First Sight’ season 13. From finances to pets and traveling to political views, they had disagreements about it all, and neither backed down on anything. They did find common ground on wanting to dedicate their lives towards helping others and starting a family, but it wasn’t even close to being enough. Gil had no issues calling his wife a “brat” and said her negative attitude always soured his mood, whereas Myrla didn’t even kiss her husband during the initial few weeks.

Myrla eventually fell for Gil’s honesty and changed her outlook on his dog, and he conceded that he loved her as well. The fact that they could often tease each other without getting into full-blown arguments was also a massive plus. Therefore, they agreed to stay espoused when Decision Day arrived. Their social media accounts are private, so we can’t be too sure, yet many speculate that Myrla and Gil have since separated. Owing to their lack of evident chemistry and their turbulent journey on the reality show, it does seem likely, but again, we can’t say anything for certain.

Brett and Ryan: Separated

In a surprise to absolutely no one, Ryan Ignasiak and Brett are no longer together. We’re not even going to dive too deep into this couple’s journey and why they looked like a solid match in the beginning because Ryan shifted everything when he downloaded a dating app while still in the “social experiment.” Ultimately, he and Brett decided to divorce and revealed that they’d be better off as friends. From what we can tell, they’re both happy with this choice and their lives right now, which is all that matters.

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