Which Ready to Love Couples Are Still Together? Update

‘Ready to Love’ is an interesting dating reality show that revolves around successful black men and women in their 30s and 40s. Cameras follow these individuals as they navigate their dating lives and court their prospective partners. With each participant looking for everlasting love, it is really fascinating to witness how they deal with the various issues that crop up at different times in a relationship.

Moreover, the show’s unscripted nature adds a level of spontaneity, making things even more thrilling. ‘Ready to Love’ is now in its fifth season and enjoys a significant fanbase. Thus, we decided to jump in and find which couples from the previous seasons are still together. Let’s find out!

Mario Tolliver and Reva Stout

Mario and Reva, who appeared on season 2 of the show, had quite a rocky beginning to their relationship. Although they seemed to develop a connection early into the season, things soon turned topsy-turvy when Mario fell for Tondy Gallant and chose her over Reva. For a while, it looked like Mario and Tondy’s relationship would stand the test of time as the couple showed a lot of commitment and dedication. However, it was not to be, and the pair soon decided to go their separate ways.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Mario and Reva chose to rekindle their romance and showcased a fierce determination to make their relationship work. Their chemistry was quite undeniable, and fans were ultimately wowed by their commitment. Thus, to no one’s surprise, the pair continued dating even after filing and since then have built up a beautiful relationship based on trust, love, and a whole lot of care. Besides, while Mario prefers a life of privacy, Reva loves expressing her love on social media, and it is lovely to witness the two living a happy life.

Kris Green and Amber McCray

Appearing on season 4 of ‘Ready to Love,’ Kris and Amber soon became a fan-favorite couple because of their commitment to each other. Interestingly, Kris, a radio host, was a surprise entry, and viewers saw sparks fly between him and Amber on their very first meeting. Showing massive promise from the very beginning, the pair wowed all with their dedication, while their chemistry was quite undeniable. With such a strong bond developing between the two, fans speculated that the pair might go all the way, and it looks like they were right!

Although both Kris and Amber now prefer to stay under the radar and refrain from talking about their personal life in the public sphere, there is nothing to suggest that they have broken up. The pair even appeared together on the reunion show, where Kris seemed quite protective of his partner. Besides, even with them both embracing privacy, Amber has a few pictures of the couple together on social media, which stand as a testimony to their incredible bond.

Symone Redwine and Rashid Floyd

Appearing on season 3 of ‘Ready to Love,’ Symone and Rashid didn’t feel an immediate spark but soon realized that they had a great mutual understanding. Once they got together, nothing could shake this couple apart, and the two showed a whole lot of dedication and commitment, endearing themselves to fans. Besides, it was also quite incredible and refreshing to witness them build up a relationship without any of the drama most reality shows are known for.

Even today, Symone and Rashid’s chemistry is undeniable, and they love expressing their adoration for each other in the public sphere. Their social media accounts stand as a solid testimony to their connection, and it is fantastic to witness them compromising on and conquering any issue that threatens to disrupt their perfect relationship. With Symone and Rashid now on an incredible journey together, we wish them the very best for the future.

Ida Cool and Khaleel Lott

Appearing on season 4, Ida and Khaleel did not seem to hit it off while filming. There was nothing to hint at a possible relationship between the two, and fans initially gathered they would end up with different people. However, the pair shocked viewers when they appeared on the season reunion episode, and Khaleel revealed that they were dating. Surprisingly, Ida seemed quite angry at Khaleel for revealing the news without her permission, making fans believe they wanted to keep it under wraps.

Even today, Ida and Khaleel prefer privacy regarding their private lives and haven’t revealed much about their relationship. However, Ida has spoken about her wonderful love life in a few interviews, and there is nothing to suggest that the two have since broken up.

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