Is White Lines a True Story?

White Lines‘ is an extremely engaging murder mystery series created by Alex Pina. Pina is best known for creating ‘Money Heist,’ which has become nothing short of a global phenomenon. This is the reason ‘White Lines’ holds tons of promise, and fortunately, lives up to them. The show, set in Ibiza, tells a gorgeous-looking tale that is equally dark under the surface.

The show revolves around Zoe, a Manchester resident who goes to Ibiza after her brother, Axel’s body is discovered twenty years after his death. She is determined to find out who killed Axel. Axel had been a charismatic DJ who shifts to Ibiza with his friends in search of a more entertaining and fun lifestyle. He does manage to find fame and wealth on the sun-soaked island.

Is White Lines Based on a True Story?

Technically, no. ‘White Lines’ is a completely fictional story. It is not even inspired by a single event. That makes sense, given how dense and complex the narrative is. The plot of the series is so entertaining that it is hard to imagine something like that having actually happened in real life.

However, ‘White Lines’ is quite grounded in reality. On the outset, the show might seem to be an exaggeration of the nightlife of Ibiza and its hard-partying residents. However, the characters and their motifs feel quite real. This is because the show is not completely outlandish. It is based on some true facts.

For instance, at one point, Ibiza used to attract tons of youngsters who were willing to overwork themselves just to lead a life filled with drug-addled parties on the breathtaking island. “In the eighties, as unemployment grew in Britain, a new breed of tourist reached the island. These weren’t backpackers or two-week booze-cruisers, but bright, inquisitive youths for whom the prospect of slaving low-pay or subsisting on the dole held little appeal; better to get out there, see the world and catch some sun and fun than stay in rainy, depressing Britain” (Collin, as cited in ‘Global Nomads‘).

Those who have watched ‘White Lines’ would know how the above description seems to be a mirror to the events on the series. Axel and Zoe constantly describe Manchester as rainy. Moreover, the intentions of Axel and his friends when they leave Manchester are quite similar to the ones described above.

Apart from that, several British people have been reported to have died in Ibiza. The case closest to that of Axel’s seems to be the possible death of British DJ, Rem Kingston. In fact, it had been Rem’s sister too who wanted to find out about his possible death. You can read more about the case here. 

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