Who is Alexander? Is Jeff McEnery Back on Letterkenny Season 10?

Any fan of ‘Letterkenny’ worth their salt will have a substantial list of characters that they cannot wait to see again on the show. Through its long roster of eccentric roles, the show gives us some truly memorable characters that make few appearances but continue to be part of the story in the background.

You would have probably heard Alexander mentioned quite a few times, and the character actually plays a pretty important role in the series’ opening episodes. But how much do we know about him? We dug around to get you the lowdown on Alexander and whether he makes an appearance in ‘Letterkenny’ season 10. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Alexander?

Alexander, essayed by Jeff McEnery, is a “slow-learning fella” that features in the show’s pilot episode. After going through a painful breakup with Angie and being taunted relentlessly for it, Wayne spies her new boyfriend push an unsuspecting (and drunk) Alexander into a trash heap. Having resolved not to fight anymore, Wayne tries to control his anger but ends up beating Angie’s new boyfriend to a pulp. This opens up a Pandora’s Box as news of Wayne’s return to violence spreads like wildfire, and every competent (and incompetent) fighter in town lines up to try and take him down and become Letterkenny’s new “tough guy.”

Thus, the show’s iconic tradition of settling scores with a good fistfight is established thanks, in part, to Alexander. The harmless character, who rarely speaks and is often bullied, essentially brings Wayne back into his fighting ways, which goes on to shape the rest of the narrative of the show. We also find out that Alexander is Joint Boy’s cousin, which is why the latter approaches Wayne as a gesture of gratitude and attempts to make peace with him.

Of course, now back in fighting form, Wayne refuses to back away, and a good ol’ fashioned brawl between him and Joint Boy ensues. Later, we see Alexander again when he is employed as a janitor in MoDean’s — a job he understandably finds disgusting and describes in detail to Wayne.

Is Alexander Back on Letterkenny Season 10?

After a long gap (since season 8), we once again see Alexander in season 10 episode 6 (‘Sundays are for Picking Stones’). He comes to invite the Hicks to a “buck and doe,” which is a pre-wedding party thrown by the best man and maid of honor in order to raise money for the wedding itself. This prompts the Hicks to jump into their truck and drive around town (inebriated), looking for people to help them “pick up stones” to clear the ground and prepare for the wedding party.

Thus, Alexander makes a brief appearance, and though he doesn’t know it, his presence once again makes a bigger impact than expected. It gets the Hicks to begin driving around town and essentially sparks off the storyline for the episode. Alexander himself, as has been the case before, doesn’t appear again in the episode after his initial dialogues.

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