Who is Calling Will in Mother of the Bride?

Image Credit: Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

In Netflix’s ‘Mother of the Bride,’ a decades-old romance is rekindled when two exes meet at the wedding of their children. Lana and Will had the romance of a lifetime when they were young, but it broke off pretty bad, and both parties walked away from it with a broken heart. When they reunite eventually, the feelings resurface, but so do the doubts. Lana believes that Will, always at the center of attention as he is, has had a string of affairs since he last saw her and that he is a heartbreaker through and through. Even when her doubts subside a bit, they are brought back when she overhears a conversation that reiterates her point. But what does that conversation really mean? Who has Will been talking with throughout the movie? SPOILERS AHEAD

Will’s Mystery Caller is an Unexpected Twist

There are only a few people in the world whom you can tell that you can’t live without them. Generally, this phrase is reserved for lovers or one’s children. So, when Lana hears Will say this, she knows he is not talking to his son, which means that he is talking to a woman he is in love with. The fact that it is a woman is confirmed when he says the name of the caller: Katrina. Having heard enough of the conversation, Lana leaves, believing that she had been wrong to trust Will again, that he is two-timing her, playing with her emotions, and has always been intent on breaking her heart again.

Image Credit: Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

When the truth comes out, Lana has a lot to be embarrassed about. It turns out that one’s girlfriend or child is not the only person they can’t live without. Several people make our lives easier, and for Will, Katrina is one of those people. She is his assistant, who has worked with him for so many years that Will has come to rely on her so much that her absence would have a devastating impact on his life. When he says he can’t live without her, he is not lying because without her, the whole system of his life would collapse, and it would take a very long time for him to replace her.

All through the movie, Will had been getting calls from Katrina who was keeping him up to date about everything that had been happening behind the back in his business while he was attending his son’s wedding. Will blindly trusted Katrina, and it would be safe to assume that at some point, he had confided in her about his romance with Lana and how he was still in love with her. It must be because she knew about his love that she, despite not wanting to, flew all the way to Thailand to bring the ring that Will had been keeping for Lana for all those years they had been apart.

The discovery of the mystery caller’s identity puts a lot of things in perspective, and the most important thing it does is show Lana the drawbacks of not communicating one’s feelings. Will had done this years ago, and it cost them their future together. Now, when he was ready to communicate, she was going to make the same mistake, and it would have ruined things between them all over again if it weren’t for Will taking a stand and being ready to clear the air no matter what the consequences this time. Katrina’s arrival also clears up things and opens the way for Will and Lana’s happy ending.

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