Do Lana and Will End Up Together in Mother of the Bride?

Image Credit: Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

It’s complicated when your ex shows up years after they broke your heart, but things become even trickier when he turns out to be the father of the guy your daughter is supposed to get married to. In Netflix’s ‘Mother of the Bride,’ Lana Winslow finds herself in this situation, and as the days pass by, it becomes impossible for her to figure out how to deal with the situation because she wants to be there for her daughter, but she also wants to be miles away from her ex. Still, it was a long time ago when he left her, and both of them have changed over the years. Does this mean they will finally converse and set aside their differences instead of continuing to avoid each other till the end of their days? SPOILERS AHEAD

Lana and Will Get Another Shot at a Happy Ending

Dating the person of your dreams is one thing, but building a future with them is a completely different task. When Lana and Will were young and passionately in love, things were great for the most part. But when it came to the bigger picture, it turned out that their love for each other wouldn’t be enough. Or so Will thought.

Image Credit: Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

Lana had always been a bright student and Will knew she would go on to do great things. By the final year of college, she was already making great strides in her career, winning residencies and grants she’d dreamed of. She knew exactly what she wanted with her life, and she was going to get it. Will knew that. Her brilliance made him feel inadequate about himself because while she seemed to have everything figured out, he didn’t know what exactly he wanted with his life.

Will wanted to make himself worthy of Lana, for which he would have to carve his own path independent of her. This is why he left, though a bit abruptly, and by the time he figured out what he wanted to do with his life, Lana had moved on. The lack of explanation on his part left Lana brokenhearted as she couldn’t make heads or tails of his sudden departure apart from the fact that he never really loved her. When Will discovered that Lana was married, he had to give up as well. He tried to build a life with someone else, but because he was still in love with Lana, his marriage couldn’t survive.

So, years later, when Lana shows up, Will decides to take this opportunity to clear the air between them. While he had always been the kind of person who kept his emotions close to his chest, he decided to open up this time because his inability to speak his mind to the people he loved had been one of the reasons behind his failed relationships. Now that he had another chance to make things work with Lana, he didn’t want to lose it, and he told her everything: why he left and how he was still in love with her.

Will also knows that he must make haste; otherwise, Lana will fall for someone else, and he will have missed his chance again and for the last time. When he sees young Lucas flirting with Lana and trying to woo her, Will decides to go all in. Years ago, he had bought something for Lana, a token with which he had hoped to propose to her someday, but that day never arrived, and Will never gave that ring to anyone else. He kept it all these years, not knowing whether he would see Lana again or if she would forgive him and accept him back in her life. Still, he kept that ring all those years because he still loved her, even if there was a chance that she wouldn’t love him back anymore.

Image Credit: Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

It isn’t a surprise when it becomes clear that Lana also harbors feelings for him. Even though he had broken her heart, it was her love for him that kept the anger burning inside her even after all these years. The moment Will steps in front of her, she gets flustered like the young girl she was when they met for the first time. While Lana found love again and got married to Emma’s father, she still held a spot for Will in her heart. Following her husband’s death, she couldn’t bring herself to recreate the love she had with him or with Will. She had given up on being with someone again until Will came back, and so did the wave of love and other emotions she’d felt for him all these years.

Even if they settled their differences, it would be a bit tricky for her and Will to date each other again because their children were married to one another. Still, neither Will nor Emma saw Emma and RJ’s wedding as a sign for Will and Lana to part ways and be apart, even when it was clear that they were in love with each other. In the end, Emma encourages her mother to go for her happily ever after. Will proposes to Lana with the ring he had held on to for years, and when she finally says yes, they get the chance to build a life they always dreamed of having with each other.

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