Who is Frog on The Masked Singer? Latest Clues and Guesses

Frog has been one of the most exceptional entertainers in Season 3 of ‘The Masked Singer.’ Ever since he’s come on the stage, he has rapped his way through the competition. Combining energy with excellent stage presence, Frog has quickly become a favorite among quite a few viewers.

Unfortunately, there are still many who are puritans about what ‘The Masked Singer’ stands for, and they’ve asked for Frog to be eliminated. According to them, he’s just a rapper and not a singer, therefore undeserving of remaining in the contest. Frog replied to criticisms by going out of his comfort zone to belt out “Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons. As the battle heats up, you might be curious to know who’s behind the outfit. We have got you covered in that regard.

Clues about Frog:

Frog’s latest clue package starts with the performer expressing surprise at having made it this far. According to the Frog, he didn’t expect to make it past the second round. We are shown shots of Frog P.D., where the detective-like contestant picks up a file. We see chocolates on his desk, and Frog plays with a basketball. Soon enough, we see a shot of a jersey, with the number 23 emblazoned on it. Furthermore, Frog shows us a murder board where the number 13 is visible.

He says that joining a show with ‘singer’ in the title was indeed hard, but Frog is willing to move beyond his comfort zone to try something new. He hopes the audiences end up loving him all the more for it. After his performance, he adds a clue via a food item. Frog brings out an intricately decorated catfish preparation. Check out the package below.

Guesses about Frog:

We have guessed that Frog is Shad Moss or Bow Wow all along. The latest clues point towards the identity of Frog all the more clearly. The basketball and the jersey number with ’23’ emblazoned on it, could not be more evident. Bow Wow has been part of a movie called ‘Like Mike,’ where he plays basketball for a team, and his jersey number in the film is 23.

The crime board that we see is a clear reference to ‘CSI: Cyber,’ a short-lived spinoff featuring the rapper. The number 13 on the board has been deciphered by fans who have followed Bow Wow’s career closely. The rapper released his debut album at that age.

Coming to the most obvious clue, the catfish takes our mind to ‘Catfish‘ the MTV series. If you’ve followed the series, you might remember one of the weirder episodes where a man catfished a woman pretending to be Bow Wow. When the rapper got to know about it, he ensured both the man and the woman ended up on ‘106 & Park.’ Not only did he not mind the impersonation, he felt flattered by it. Thus, it would make sense for Bow Wow, as Frog, to draw out attention to it. You can check out a tweet below, where a fan is sure Bow Wow is Frog but doesn’t like a rapper staying on in the later stages of the competition.

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