Who is Glory Days in The Lincoln Lawyer? Does Mickey Haller Find Her?

Mickey Haller delves into the convoluted world of criminal defense trials in Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ and takes on a number of tricky legal cases. Apart from the high-profile and seemingly unwinnable Lara Elliott murder case, the prolific attorney also handles a number of smaller cases left behind by his murdered colleague, Jerry Vincent. Despite having his hands full and his life being threatened, Mickey also doggedly tries to track down a woman named Glory Days. Our hero’s desperation to find her is palpable, but his reason for it remains tantalizingly hidden until almost the end of the season. Here’s what you need to know about Glory Days from ‘The Lincoln Lawyer.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Glory Days?

Glory Days, whose real name is Gloria Dayton, is an escort known to Mickey Haller through the Jesus Menendez case. Since the events concerning Jesus and Gloria occur before the events of the show, we do not see how they actually get introduced to Mickey. However, it appears that Mickey met Gloria because the latter witnessed the murder that Jesus was eventually convicted of. It is also revealed that it is actually a friend of Gloria’s who was the victim.

Mickey, who represented Jesus in his subsequent murder trial, eventually figured out that Gloria could help prove his client’s innocence. However, the night before the trial, she disappeared and has remained elusive ever since. As a result, Jesus was found guilty and sentenced to prison. Throughout season 1, Mickey pulls every string he can in an effort to track down Gloria. He eventually finds out that she’s moved to Las Vegas, where she continues offering specialized escort services. Using one of her regular clients, Raj, Mickey then tries to lure Glory Days back to Los Angeles.

Does Mickey Haller Find Glory Days?

Mickey uses Lorna and Cisco to help him track down Glory Days and is ultimately successful. Thinking she’s coming down to meet a client, Gloria arrives at a hotel and is quickly approached by Lorna. Eventually, Gloria gets convinced into testifying for Jesus but also reveals that she was threatened by a cop and forced to flee the city. Mickey assures Gloria that he will safeguard her from the rogue police officer and sticks by his promise.

At Jesus’ hearing, Gloria testifies to his innocence and also names the officer who threatened her not to testify initially. Officer Linda Perez is subsequently called to the trial and questioned by Mickey until she confesses to threatening Gloria in order to make Jesus’ arrest legitimate. A further connection is discovered between Linda and Detective Lee Lankford, with the latter found to be the arresting officer in Jesus’ case. Thus, by threatening Gloria and stopping her from testifying, Linda helps prove Jesus guilty in court, which in turn helps the detective earn a feather in his cap.

Of course, Jesus is actually innocent, and by finally agreeing to testify, Gloria helps prove exactly that. For Mickey, who feels bad for his client being wrongly convicted and imprisoned, finding Gloria is crucial because it helps him set things right and get Jesus freed from prison. Ultimately, being found by Mickey turns out to be beneficial for Gloria as well since the officer threatening her is discovered and brought to justice.

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