Who is Iris in Mayor of Kingstown? Who Does She Work For?

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ is set in a gritty town where the industrial prison complex is the only thriving industry. As the powerbroker who maintains the tenuous balance between the authorities and criminal gangs in the city, Mike McLusky comes across some of the most hardened criminals imaginable. In the midst of this seedy underbelly, the arrival of a seemingly innocent young girl named Iris (played by Emma Laird) seems surprising. However, it becomes apparent that all is not as it seems and that she might have some spectacular ulterior motives. So who really is Iris? And who is she actually working for? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Iris?

Iris is first introduced when her boss, the incarcerated gang leader Milo, calls her to Kingstown on an assignment. After the death of the previous “Mayor,” Milo realizes that the new powerbroker (Mike) needs a different approach. He, therefore, tasks Iris with making Mike more amenable to his demands but doesn’t go into details.

From what we know, Iris is from New York, where she helped Milo by seducing powerful politicians and judges. When she meets Mike, Iris tries to offer herself to him but is scoffed at. She takes the rejection gracefully and even thanks Mike for warning her about how dangerous Kingstown can be. However, it seems like the McLusky brother is fooled by Iris’ innocent looks, as the young woman remains quite unfazed by the crime around her.

She is eventually put to work as an exotic dancer by Josef and calmly navigates his degrading attitude. Once again, we don’t get any details, but Josef warns the club owner to be wary of Iris, describing her as “poisonous.” Thus, despite being in much grimier surroundings than the company of wealthy politicians in New York City, young Iris seems comfortable and confident. Though her intentions so far remain opaque, it is clear that she is intrigued by Mike. It is also clear that she looks much more innocent than she actually is, making her a character to watch out for.

Who Does Iris Work For?

At first glance, it seems like Iris works for Milo and his subordinate Josef. The latter explains how she helps them by seducing powerful men, which we also see Iris briefly doing. However, Iris also seems to have an agenda of her own, which shows that her loyalties do not lie completely with Milo.

Perhaps one of the most apparent signs of this is how she lies to the club manager when she tells him that she is under Mike McLusky’s protection, even though that is clearly not the case. Whereas Josef seems to be trying to control Iris by telling the club manager that she belongs to him and Milo, the young girl appears to be making plans to possibly switch sides. At some point, it is pretty likely that Iris will begin to help Mike, which could cause further tension between the powerbroker and the dangerous gangster Milo.

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