Who is Isabella Soprano? What Happens to Reggie Mantle and His Car, Bella?

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Riverdale’ season 6 starts off with a supernatural bang and throws our beloved main characters into a darkly magical world. With the ‘Rivervale’ 5-episode event, we are introduced to the town of Rivervale wherein paranormal forces lurk at every corner. In season 6 episode 2, we come across a dark chunk of Reggie Mantle’s (Charles Melton) past which negatively impacts his relationship with Veronica. We see how Reggie obsesses over his car, Bella, and attempts to combat his insecurities and sorrows. Additionally, the character of Isabella Soprano, his high school educator, provides an explanation for his strange behavior. If you’re curious about Isabella as well as the fate of Reggie and his car, you’ve come to the right place!

Who is Isabella Soprano?

In season 6 episode 2, titled ‘Ghost Stories,’ we see Reggie struggling with the fact that his father is ill and hospitalized. Despite being abused by him for many years, Reggie is attached to his father as he had previously acknowledged the error of his ways and apologized. At his family’s car dealership, Mantle Motors, Reggie notices a customer bringing in a car shockingly similar to the one he used to drive in high school, a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS454. Immediately, he purchases it at an outrageous price.

Later, we see Reggie avoiding Veronica and lying about his whereabouts in order to spend more time with his car, Bella. Interestingly, he doesn’t park his car at the Pembrook, choosing his dealership’s garage instead. However, Veronica quickly discovers his lies and confronts him, suspecting an affair. However, Reggie explains that the original Bella had been a gift from his father and Veronica finally understands his obsession. Later, things go downhill when Veronica and Reggie are interrupted by a few high school boys whilst kissing in the car. Veronica becomes irritable and explains that she is sensitive about her reputation after the Chuck Clayton incident. Reggie points out that they had sex on a pile of money and Veronica counters that it was in the privacy of their bedroom and not in a “stupid” car. Reggie gets angry at her for insulting Bella and wonders if she’s jealous of his car.

Afterward, wanting to appreciate Bella the way Reggie does, Veronica decides to sit in the car. However, she comes across the photo of a woman with a note at the back stating, “Here whenever you need a shoulder to cry on. XOXO.” Furious, she rushes to find Reggie. She bumps into Principal Weatherbee on the way; the photo falls down, and he immediately recognizes the woman, who is named Isabella Soprano. Veronica then finds out that Isabella used to be a driver’s educator who was sent away for allegedly having improper relations with high school boys. She realizes that Reggie’s car is named after her.

Veronica damages Reggie’s car and confronts him, believing that he had an affair with and was groomed by Isabella. However, Reggie states that Isabella used to be his confidant, explaining how he used to tell her about his father’s abuse. Then, he reveals that his father just died. Veronica feels guilty about her assumptions and comforts him. Later, she buys him a new car, a 1969 Camaro SS 4-speed. However, he still seems upset.

What Happens to Reggie Mantle and His Car, Bella?

As the episode draws to a close, fans are led to believe that the ghostly forces acting on Rivervale will wane. However, we see that Reggie continues to be obsessed with Bella. He again sees a vision of Isabella in his car, smiles at her, and is seemingly comforted by her presence. At this point, it is unclear whether Isabella is a figment of his imagination or a ghost. It is possible that Reggie, who is upset over his father’s death, is finding solace in his teenage memories. We are aware that Reggie feels unloved and misused by Veronica, who often forgets to appreciate his contribution to the casino business and treats him like a casual hook-up at times.

Thus, Reggie is likely reminiscing his time with the one person who understood him and valued him for who he was — Isabella. Known for his love of cars and women, Reggie understandably associates his favorite car with the woman that impacted him the most. It is likely that we will see more of Reggie, Bella, and the weird ghostly presence of Isabella. We will possibly also find out more about Isabella and Reggie’s relationship and the truth behind the allegations against her. Clearly, the situation is going to test Reggie and Veronica’s relationship and reveal important truths about their feelings.

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