Who is Ben Higgins’s Fiance, Jessica Clarke? How Did They Meet?

Here’s some heartbreaking news for all ladies! ‘The Bachelor’ star Ben Higgins is engaged! Yes, let that sink in. But who is the woman of his dreams? Well, her name is Jessica Clarke. When Ben first revealed his girlfriend to ET, he excitedly announced: “I have a girlfriend, and we are in a committed, exclusive relationship. It’s really exciting, and there’s a ton of peace behind it.” So who is Jessica and how did she meet Ben? Read on as we breakdown her bio and whirlwind of a romantic journey with the reality star.

Who is Jessica Clarke?

Currently, in her 20s, Jessica Clarke is an athlete and a runner. The Nashville resident graduated from the University of Mississippi and was a member of the Ole Miss women’s track and field and cross-country team. Jess is dedicated to social causes and had spent quite an amount of time in a child orphanage in China.

Jess’s LinkedIn profile describes her as working as a Key Account Manager with Valet Energy. Professionally, she is additionally the co-owner at SweatNet Nashville and SweatNET Denver — which is committed to breaking down the barriers to fitness through the “power of connection and community.” The young woman also has her own blog called Coffee Shop Talks where she regularly writes about body image struggles, relationship issues, and career problems. Jess and her team organize events for women to help them in improving their lives.

On the family front, Jess is extremely close to both her parents. She posted a cute birthday message for her dad in June 2020, which she captioned as follows: “Happy Birthday to @_jay_clarke_ you are the best dad I could ever imagine. Thank you for loving me so well and always making me giggle.”

Ben Higgins And Jessica Clarke Love Story

Ben and Jessica met online in early 2019 — to be more specific, on Instagram. Ben explained that he “successfully slid into [Jessica’s] DMs” and started a virtual communication. After having clicked on all the right boxes, the couple decided to meet up and since then, they have gone on many trips together. However, when Jess first heard from Ben, she was not aware that he was a Bachelor alum. And according to her, she has no interest in watching his season as well.

After dating Jess for almost a year, the Generous Coffee co-founder finally proposed his girlfriend in March 2020, amidst the coronavirus outbreak. The couple had been in quarantine with Ben’s parents and reached Franklin, Tennessee, to be with Jess’s family for the grand event. Once she accepted, both the families celebrated the occasion together. Ben explained that he got the jitters before popping the question. He said in an interview with ET: “I was super nervous. She’s my best friend, my partner and I love her. I was nervous to kind of do this whole thing in front of her. I wasn’t anxious, it’s just a big moment!”

Yes, a grand wedding is on the way although the couple has not been vocal about the upcoming nuptials. Of course, they will have to wait until the corona pandemic subsides to go ahead with the celebrations. But we are sure that the couple will keep us in the loop as and when they decide to take the big leap!

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