Who is Love Island’s Kyra Lizama? Where is She Now?

Thanks to ‘Love Island USA,’ or simply ‘Love Island,’ we’re going to have a summer full of fleeting romances and drama yet again. With season three, a new group of absurdly attractive individuals will step onto the shores of an island paradise and couple up in the hopes of finding love and winning the massive $100,000 grand prize. From the re-couplings to the evictions, the format of this reality series remains the same. Therefore, if you’re curious to know more about its latest cast of young and vibrant singles, specifically player Kyra Lizama, we’ve got you covered!

Who is Kyra Lizama?

As one of the youngest contenders this season, Kyra Lizama is a 23-year-old Filipino-American from Honolulu, Hawaii. Considering her active social media presence, some might assume that a deep dive into it would reveal details about her private life or family, but that is not the case. In fact, Kyra never unveils anything intimate, so her entire feed is only of her modeling various clothes and bikinis or enjoying her time at the beach and gardens. With that said, we do know that her mother has Filipino roots, and she reportedly has a sister named Kristal Lizama, who is an architect.

After graduating from Punahou School in 2015, Kyra obtained a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from California’s Loyola Marymount University. Thus now, Kyra not only serves as a Covid-19 relief worker but is also a full-time Staffing Analyst at Healthcare Staffing Professionals. Moreover, she earned the title of “COED Girl of the Day” back in 2020, which, mixed with her Instagram account, suggests that Kyra probably wants to establish a stable career for herself in the entertainment industry as a public figure as well. Her appearance on ‘Love Island’ only backs this up.

Where is Kyra Lizama Now?

Although born and raised in Hawaii, Kyra Lizama is currently a resident of Los Angeles, California. She has over 60,000 followers on Instagram, which she often uses to spread positivity, grow the discussions around fitness, or post about her modeling. Kyra also has a TikTok profile with over 1,400 followers as of this writing, but her bio on there makes her plans of keeping it easy-going apparent, stating, “23 and tryna learn how to use this app.” In short, it seems like she’s determined to expand her reach. Apart from this, Kyra hopes to attain a doctorate in clinical psychology one day.

As for where Kyra stands of dating and romance, in the introduction video of the cast members shared by the official Twitter account of ‘Love Island USA,’ the confident contestant revealed that she finds it challenging and has also been banned from an online dating app. Kyra did not go into the details of which one or what she did that led to her access being questioned and denied, but it’s certainly interesting. With her open personality, excellent looks, and clear ambitions, we can’t wait to see what Kyra Lizama will do next, whether in the ever-changing medical field or the entertainment one.


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