Who is Love Island’s Shannon St. Clair? Where is She Now?

Based on the fan-favorite British reality dating series with the same name, ‘Love Island USA‘ follows a group of sexy and young singles as they come together at a luxurious yet isolated island resort to stay under surveillance at all times. Once there, they have to couple up with another cast member in the hopes of finding romance and winning the $100,000 cash prize with their ultimate partner. From fleeting connections to deep-rooted bonds to neverending drama, the show is packed with everything. So, with season 3 out already, let’s find out more about player Shannon St. Clair, shall we?

Who is Shannon St. Clair?

At the mere age of 25, Shannon St. Clair of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is a former cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles, fitness enthusiast, social media influencer, and likely a marketing and supply chain specialist. After graduating from Archbishop Wood Catholic High School, Shannon attended the Bucks County Community College for nearly 2 years before transferring to Fox School of Business and Management – Temple University.

In 2019, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing and Supply Chain Management, without any significant issues. Since then, she has worked at an interior design firm and a construction group. Despite the amount of information available about her career experiences, details on Shannon’s personal and family life are unclear.

We know that there are a few cousins Shannon’s notably close to, but when it comes to her immediate family, she has only posted about her mother. She calls her mom her “best friend” and does not shy away from showing off how she’s basically her carbon copy. Apart from that, with the announcement of her debut on ‘Love Island,’ it came to light that Shannon has a sister as well, Kylie. The latter has seemingly taken over Shannon’s social handles until the season ends.

Where is Shannon St. Clair Now?

Still dwelling in the Greater Philadelphia area, Shannon St. Clair continues to work as an influencer. She loves to highlight her modeling work through her social media platforms and share snapshots from her travels, whether they were to Miami, New York, Orange County, Dubai, or Thailand. Due to her significant presence online, Shannon has managed to land a couple of partnerships with brands and designers, so she frequently promotes them by uploading pictures of herself in various ensembles or events. She even has YouTube and TikTok, and she promises new content soon.


Coming to her personality and dating customs, Shannon is as confident as they come. “I think I own a room when I walk in,” she declared in her intro clip. “I always walk in like it’s a runway.” She further referred to herself as a “12 out of 10” and explained how her nature is “very flirtatious.” Shannon was linked to Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy earlier this year, but it seems like that went nowhere. So now, she wants to have fun, get a partner that sees her for who she is, and hopefully gain a lasting romance. Shannon’s energy and spirit are, for sure, unparalleled.

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