Who is Osprey in The Night Agent, Explained

Image Credit: Dan Power/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘The Night Agent’ follows the story of an FBI agent who monitors emergency calls from secret agents. While there are rarely any calls, the phone rings one night, and Peter Sutherland comes in contact with Rose Larkin, who is not a secret agent. It turns out that she received the number from her aunt and uncle. They were night agents who discovered a plot regarding a terrorist attack that would take place within a week. They also mention “Osprey,” but her aunt and uncle are killed before Rose can figure out what it means. The identity of Osprey becomes an important piece of the puzzle as Peter and Rose try to figure out why her aunt and uncle were killed and what terrorist plot they had uncovered. If you want to know more about Osprey, we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

Who is Osprey?

Rose and Peter begin their investigation at her aunt and uncle’s house, where she recalls their last conversation. Apart from the terrorist attack and Osprey, they mentioned the drive in the woods. This leads Rose and Peter to an encrypted hard drive. After a risky move, they get the drive decrypted and get the name of an engineer along with some blueprints.

The engineer is a woman named Lorna, who was friends with the Campbells. She helps them figure out the blueprints covering the buildings of at least two blocks. They pin it down to a cafe right above an underground metro line. This leads them to the pipeline close to the place, which would have blown up if the metro explosion had not been stopped by Peter one year ago. It would have taken out the entire two blocks killing thousands of people.

In the CCTV footage of the cafe, Peter recognizes Chelsea Arrington from the Secret Service. This is when he realizes that someone of importance must have been in the cafe at the time, which means that the metro explosion was not a terrorist attack but an assassination. If they figured out who Arrington was protecting at that time, they could figure out why that person was targeted.

Eventually, when Peter and Rose’s path clashes with Arrington and Monks’, Arrington tells Peter that on the day of the metro explosion, she was on the security detail of Omar Zadar. She also reveals his codename: Osprey. This puts everything in perspective for Peter. Zadar was the leader of the People’s Independence Front, known for its terrorist activities in the past but had reformed now because Zadar was vying to be the President of his country. After the explosion, PIF released a statement claiming responsibility, but Zadar said it wasn’t them.

At first, Peter thought Zadar was a fall guy. Someone wanted to escape the crime by blaming it on a foreign organization with a history of violence. However, it didn’t fit Zadar’s ambition to become the President. When he discovers that Zadar was in the cafe on the day of the explosion, he realizes that Zadar was the one they wanted to assassinate. He was the target. Rose’s aunt and uncle had figured this out. They knew another such an attack would happen again, so they wanted to warn Osprey.

Eventually, they discover that Ashley Redfield and Gordon Wick had conspired to kill Zadar. They couldn’t assassinate him because it would cause a stir in his country, where he had a lot of supporters. However, if it were masked as a casualty in a terrorist attack with thousands of other people dead, he would be another victim. People would mourn him, but it wouldn’t create a political uproar.

When the first attack didn’t work, Redfield and Wick tried to devise another way to do so. Zadar’s situation in his country had improved in one year, and he appeared to be on the path to becoming the next President. So President Travers decided to build ties with him, irrespective of his and his party’s past. The meeting was to happen within the week, so the Campbells wanted to warn Osprey. Fortunately, Peter and Rose figure out everything in time and save Zadar, President Travers, and many other people who would have been collateral damage.

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