Who Is Pickle on Swamp People? Is She Related to Troy Landry?

History Channel’s ‘Swamp People’ revolves around several descendants of the French-Canadian refugees who settled in Lousiana’s swamp region in the 18th century. With the group trying to preserve their way of life, cameras follow them through the treacherous landscape, primarily focusing on their activity during Lousiana’s alligator hunting season. Cheyenne Wheat, also known as Pickle Wheat, is a fan-favorite cast member. Thus, fans were surprised when she began posting about Troy Landry and wondered if the two were related. Well, we come bearing answers!

Who Is Pickle on Swamp People?

Although Cheyenne Wheat or Pickle celebrated her 26th birthday in September of 2021, she has been long involved with the art of gator-hunting. Gator-hunting stretches far back into her family tree as her great grandfather was an original hunter in the St. Bernard Parish area. Since then, the profession has been passed on from generation to generation, and Pickle too picked up the reigns when her time arrived. She loved accompanying her dad on hunting trips from quite a young age and even helped as she is an expert at making turkey and duck calls.

Growing up, Pickle embraced the family profession and took her place alongside the other greats. As one of the few women to appear on ‘Swamp People’ Pickle has impressed fans with her tenacity, determination, and skill. She soon made a name for herself in the gator-hunting field and is now an integral part of the community. Witnessing her immense success in a field dominated mostly by men is quite refreshing, and from the looks of it, Pickle will cross even more significant milestones in the future.

Is Pickle Related to Troy Landry?

When Pickle began posting about Troy Landry on her social media accounts, fans naturally got confused. Troy is a well-known fellow gator hunter, and people wondered if he and Pickle had some connection. However, viewers should note that Pickle is in no way related to Troy Landry by blood. Instead, she seemed to be dating Troy’s son, Chase Landry, which in turn got her quite close to Troy.

Although Pickle and Chase were confirmed to be dating when season 12 was filmed, her social media page currently reads single; thus, it seems that the two have broken up. Still, even if Chase and Pickle supposedly went their separate ways, Pickle and Troy didn’t let it affect their strong bond and appear to be good friends. While fans enjoy their banter on the show, the memories Pickle shares on social media are also quite heartwarming and wholesome, and we wish the bond remains unbreakable for years to come.

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