Who Is Sasha Cobra From Un(Well)?

With ‘(Un)Well,’ Netflix has delved deep into the lucrative and ever-growing wellness industry to possibly ask the most important question of all time: Do the current wellness trends really live up to their promises? Or do they do more harm than good?

From calling it cultural appropriation to giving us all the details about what it is and why it is so necessary to have a slow and intimate full body orgasm, the second episode, focusing on Tantric Sex and Tantra itself, does not hold back. Within it, the main feature is Sasha Cobra, whose soft-spoken nature and open personality drew us deep into the world of Tantric Sex.

Who Is Sasha Cobra?

Sasha Cobra is referred to as a teacher, healer, and energy worker in the docu-series, and it holds true. She implied that although she has received no formal training for Tantra or for healing, she believes that with her experience and work, she has managed to learn most of what there is to learn about it – evident from when she said, “I am Tantra.” Of course, she only admitted it because of how a body’s energy responds to her work during a session. From the all body orgasm that an individual experiences via Tantra, Sasha concludes that, apart from pleasure, it can also be a way for them to receive happiness – by letting out all their past pains and traumas with the orgasm.

By focusing on both sexuality and spirituality, Sasha has managed to work in this field for over a decade now. When she first started, she exclusively worked on men, but, after eight years, she decided to branch out and take women as her clients as well. She is now known internationally because of the unique way she uses the orgasmic energy of a body and turns it into healing and raising consciousness. And, according to her website, she also has a reputation for helping trauma survivors get “their life back” when “nothing else has worked.” We even got to see a clear example of this on camera, when she worked with Jason Ollis.

Where Is Sasha Cobra Today?

From what we can tell, Sasha Cobra still resides amongst those beautiful mountains and pyramids in Tepoztlán, Mexico. However, what we don’t really know for sure is whether or not she has been able to sight a UFO there yet. Currently, because of her expertise in sexual dysfunction, trauma healing, conscious relating, and lovemaking, she has 1000s of clients all over the world – spanning in over 50 countries across 6 out of the 7 continents. Her clientele includes everyday individuals like you and me, along with professional sex therapists and coaches, athletes, and even celebrities.

Sasha has her own YouTube channel where she talks about everything from spirituality, to sexuality, to what it means to be human and orgasm. So, if you’re curious to know more about that side of Tantra and energy, be sure to check it out. As for her work, on her website, she writes, “This body oriented work, coupled with practical wisdom, offers solutions to some of life’s greatest struggles, and reminds us that being human is an orgasmic, loving, joyous, compassionate experience to be had and shared with ourselves and the world.” This means that for a healthy lifestyle, she deems it necessary.

Because of COVID-19, Sasha has had to cancel some of the retreats that she offers all around the globe this year, but some of them, planned for late 2020, still have the green light. These retreats act as an alternative to the private regenerating bodywork sessions that she provides, but the main purpose remains the same. The best part, though, is that Sasha makes it clear that everything that she says and does during this retreat, or in her sessions, is not training or applicable to everyone- its for personal use only. (Featured Image Credit: Netflix)

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