Who is Teddy Vogul in The Lincoln Lawyer? How Does He Know Mickey Haller?

‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ finds prolific attorney Mickey Haller returning to his legal practice after battling a painkiller-induced drug habit. One of the reasons Mickey returns is that his colleague, Jerry Vincent, is mysteriously murdered and leaves his entire legal practice to Mickey. Our hero, therefore, has a slew of new cases to tackle in addition to all his past clients.

Mickey makes it a point to work while on the move and is often found in the back of his signature Lincoln automobile. He consequently knows a variety of colorful characters that make an appearance in the Netflix series. Teddy Vogul is one such character, and here’s what you need to know about him. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Teddy Vogul?

Teddy Vogul is the leader of the Road Saints biker gang in LA and is introduced in the show when Mickey contacts him for a favor. As our hero works to correct his past wrongs, he tries to find a missing witness from one of his older cases called Glory Days. One of Mickey’s clients, Jesus Menendez, is wrongly sentenced to life in prison, and Glory Days’ testimony seemingly has the power to see him freed. It is to find her that Mickey reaches out to Teddy, who shows up with his biker gang.

It is clear that Mickey and Teddy have known each other for a while, and there is also talk of some pro-bono work. Despite their opposing appearances, with Teddy appearing to be a particularly gritty and dangerous character, there seems to be mutual respect between the lawyer and the biker. Ultimately, Teddy helps Mickey find Glory Days. Interestingly, there also seems to be a connection between Teddy and Mickey’s investigator, Cisco. From a brief conversation the two have, it looks like Cisco was a former member of the Road Saints. There is a brief quarrel between Teddy and Cisco, but details about the beef between them remain scant.

How Does Teddy Vogul Know Mickey Haller?

Though the show doesn’t tell us how Teddy and Mickey met, we can get a few details from the 2011 Matthew McConaughey led legal thriller also titled ‘The Lincoln Lawyer.’ Interestingly, in addition to the central characters, a few side characters also overlap between the film and the subsequent Netflix series. Teddy Vogul, therefore, seemingly makes an appearance as Eddie Vogel in the film and helps Mickey fend off a particularly ominous adversary.

Even the film doesn’t detail exactly how Mickey meets the biker, but the latter closely matches the profile of the kind of gritty clients that Mickey takes on. After Eddie helps Mickey out of a tight spot, the film closes with the lawyer being accosted by the biker gang and promising to do pro bono work for them in exchange for their help. In the show, Cisco mentions that Mickey has done pro bono work for the biker gang, signifying that the lawyer repaid his debt.

The lawyer then needs Teddy and his gang’s network while looking for Glory Days. Once again, the bikers deliver and help locate the elusive witness, thus helping Mickey win his case. However, Teddy also warns Mickey about repaying the favor before asking for another one. Ultimately, a relationship of favors and mutual respect exists between Teddy Vogul and Mickey, and the two go back quite a long way.

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