Who is the Blackmailer in Now and Then? Who Killed Daniela?

‘Now & Then’ is a bilingual thriller series created by Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira. It follows five friends who harbor a terrible secret from the night of their graduation party. However, their lives turn upside down after a mysterious person brings them back together and threatens to reveal their secret.

The blackmailer demands $1 million from the five friends, but their identity remains a closely guarded secret. Moreover, the blackmailer is connected to the death of Daniela, further complicating the case. We are sure viewers must be curious to learn more about the blackmailer and Daniela’s killer in ‘Now & Then.’ If you are looking for answers in those regards, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who is the Blackmailer?

In the series premiere episode of ‘Now & Then,’ titled ’20 Years,’ viewers meet Marcos, Pedro, Alejandro, Ana, Sofia, and Dani, a group of friends celebrating their graduation on a beach in Miami. However, the night is tainted by the death of Alejandro. The friends cover up their involvement in Alejandro’s death and move on with their lives. However, 20 years later, a mysterious number messages them to attend their college reunion by threatening to reveal their dark secret. Later, the person demands $1 million, which the friends agree to pay.

The ending of episode 1 reveals the blackmailer’s identity as Marcos learns that his lawyer tracked down the money to Daniela, aka Dani’s house. However, when Marcos arrives at Dani’s house to confront her, she is already dead. The episode suggests that Daniela was blackmailing her friends, but her motives remain hidden. During the graduation party night, Dani had recorded footage that could implicate the friends in Alejandro’s death. Therefore, it is likely that despite claiming to have destroyed the tape from the night, Dani still had evidence of the friends’ involvement in Alejandro’s death. However, her death suggests that she was merely a pawn in the scheme and that the real blackmailer is still at large.

Who Killed Daniela?

The ending of episode 1 reveals that Daniela was killed after returning home from the meeting with her friends. Marcos reaches her house to confront Daniela but claims that she was already dead when he arrived on the scene. CCTV footage and his fiancé and Sofia’s statement prove that Marcos could not have been on the crime scene when Daniela died. Before her death, Sofia had visited Daniela at her home. While Sofia claims that she and Daniela caught up and talked about their past, flashbacks reveal they argued. Moreover, after Marcos drops her at the hotel, Sofia’s whereabouts remain unknown. Hence she is a suspect in Daniela’s murder.

In the second and third episodes, viewers learn that Dani’s son, Hugo, has kept all the ransom money to himself. However, during the interrogation, he pretends to know nothing about his mother’s past or connection to Alejandro’s death. Moreover, it is revealed that Hugo is the son of Jessica Thompson, the woman who died in the car crash with Alejandro. Given Hugo’s connection to Jessica, it is likely that he plotted to blackmail the friends and kill Dani. Furthermore, he could also be holding the missing tape from Dani’s collection that has footage from the night of Alejandro’s death. Hence, all signs indicate that Hugo is Dani’s killer and the actual blackmailer.

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