Who is the Mole in The Night Agent? Spoiler

Image Credit: Dan Power/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘The Night Agent’ is a convoluted political thriller that packs many twists and turns. It follows Peter Sutherland and Rose Larkin as they uncover a sinister conspiracy that could lead to the loss of many lives. The events begin with the murder of Rose’s aunt and uncle, who were secret agents. They were investigating a terrorist attack that led them to a deeper plot with severe ramifications for the country.

They didn’t stay alive long enough to give Rose the whole picture, but she overheard them saying that no one in the White House can be trusted. As Rose and Peter dig deeper, they are constantly pursued by a couple of assassins, who somehow always find out where they are. This convinces Peter and Rose that a mole in the White House wants them dead. Here’s what they discover. SPOILERS AHEAD

Mole in the White House

For Peter, the existence of a traitor in the upper echelons of the White House and FBI is unfathomable. When the enemy anticipates their every move, they list possible suspects. At first, Peter thought Hawkins might be the mole. Hawkins had always made his disdain for Peter known, so no love was lost between them. He was also one of the few people with authority to call off the security detail on Rose. Immediately after Rose was attacked at the hotel, Hawkins was nowhere to be seen, which made the situation even more suspicious.

Peter was forced to reconsider his stance when Hawkins turned up dead in a field, shot six times, just like Rose’s aunt was. This means that Hawkins was the traitor and was killed because his cover was about to be blown. Or, someone was framing him. With the enemy still one step ahead, Rose believes Hawkins is not the only one they should worry about. She trusts no one, and it turns out to be a smart decision.

After conversing with Hawkins’ wife, Peter discovers he has been investigating the metro bombing. The investigation led him to Gordon Wick, following which he was found dead. Peter and Rose look into Wick and discover he has ties to the assassin who killed the Campbells and, probably, Hawkins. They are shocked that Wick has funded Vice President Ashley Redfield’s campaign. The two go way back, confirming their suspicions about Redfield.

With Redfield in the picture, everything falls into perspective. He has been kept in the loop about the case since the beginning. He is among the few with enough authority to add or remove a security detail. He is also much closer to the Night Agent program and could have discovered the identity of Rose’s aunt and uncle and told Wick to kill them before they could find the truth. Now that the question of the mole is out of the way, Peter and Rose focus on how to bring Redfield to justice.

Peter takes the evidence they have gathered to Diane Farr. She is the Chief of Staff and loyal to the President. She has also been helping Rose and Peter, and he trusts her completely. He leaves Rose at his friend Cisco’s and goes to the White House alone. When everything is laid out in front of Farr, she is shocked and decides to tell everything to the President immediately. Peter says he will ask his friend to bring Rose and the hard drive.

Image Credits: Dan Power/Netflix

Farr tells Peter to ask “his trooper friend” to drop Rose at the loading dock so she can enter through the secret tunnel. Peter becomes immediately suspicious of her because he never mentioned any details about his friend. This means that she has been tracking him and Rose since the beginning. She was also the one they kept in the loop at all times. She was the only one who knew where Rose and Peter were hiding in the woods; still, the assassins found them. She also quickly turned Peter towards the possibility that Hawkins might be the mole. Peter also realizes she wasn’t as supportive of him and his career as he had previously believed.

Farr approached Peter to take up the Night Action job. She told him that his father’s past would also taint him and Hawkins would never give him the promotion he should’ve already by now. Peter sees this as an opportunity, thinking Farr really believed in him. In truth, she needed a fall guy that could be branded as a traitor if the truth about the metro bombing and the assassination of Night Agents came to light. She steals the information on the Campbells during Peter’s shift, which would point suspicion towards him. This means that Farr had been involved with Redfield and Wick before Peter joined the Night Watch and was responsible for the murder of Rose’s aunt and uncle.

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