Who Kidnapped Charlie in The Company You Keep? Theories

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The third episode of ‘The Company You Keep’ has Charlie and Emma take a step further in their relationship. They are past the phase where they are still wondering whether or not their relationship is just a rebound. Emma meets with Charlie’s family, and for the most part, everyone likes her. However, for as long as he keeps lying to her, he will never be sure about their relationship. At the end of the episode, Charlie calls Emma, saying that he wants to tell her something. Before it can be revealed what Charlie wanted to say, he is attacked by some people. They throw him in a van and take him away. Who are these people and why did they kidnap Charlie? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Connor Seeks Revenge on Charlie

The plot of ‘The Company You Keep’ takes quite a few leaps in its third episode. On the relationship front, things have gotten serious between Charlie and Emma. After dating each other in secret for a long time, Charlie finally opens up about his family to Emma. He had been wary of how his family would receive her and vice versa, especially considering that they are a family of conmen and she is an outsider. Birdie remains cautious of Emma all along, but all in all, things go considerably well.

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On her side, Emma decides to fill out the form where she has to declare her relationship with her employers. Previously, she’d been treating her time with Charlie as just another fling. She wasn’t sure of anything, which is why she kept herself from filling any forms just yet as it would make things official. If they broke up later, it would only make things more tiresome for her to go through all the paperwork again. Now, however, she is confident enough to go through the process.

At the end of the episode, Emma receives a folder from her boss, who has summoned her to her office. It is not revealed what is inside the folder and what her boss wants to discuss with her. There is a good chance that it could be about the case that they’ve been working on, but there’s another possibility as well. Earlier in the episode, Emma revealed that she has declared her relationship. Because she works for the CIA, this means that the agency will look into Charlie, to make sure that he is not a spy using Emma to serve his own purpose.

It is possible that the background check revealed the truth about Charlie and that’s what the boss wants to discuss with Emma. Considering that this is only the third episode, we wouldn’t yet bet on this revelation. We believe that this secret will sustain for at least the entirety of this season. Still, the CIA would want to test Charlie, and perhaps, this kidnapping is orchestrated by them. This is a test, and if Charlie passes it, maybe Emma will reveal the true nature of her job to him.

While this could very well be a possibility, there is another scenario that holds more weight. In being hounded by Daphne Finch to get the fifteen million back, the Nicolettis decided to do their own digging into her. They discovered that she is the secret daughter of the mob boss they’d duped and also that she is playing her own game, outside the knowledge of Connor. To get one up on Daphne, Charlie, and Birdie reveal her secret to Connor, and this must have affected Daphne’s actions adversely.

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Considering the damage they have done, it is possible that Daphne is taking a more dangerous road to teach the Nicolettis a lesson. Ollie had slipped in her tracking device into Daphne’s purse through which Charlie and Birdie tracked her whereabouts. If Daphne found the CIA’s bug in her hotel room, she could find the tracking device in her purse as well. She wouldn’t want the Nicolettis keeping an eye on her, so as a power move, she had Charlie kidnapped. Maybe, she will use this to show him just how vulnerable he is, and how easily she can get to him and his family.

Another possibility is that Connor finding out the truth about Daphne has brought him into the game and he has decided to start settling debts, with Charlie being first on the list. It was the Nicolettis who conned Connor into giving away his father’s ten million, which was later stolen by Tina. Now, Connor wants payback but he doesn’t yet know that Daphne is already settling the debt for him.

Going completely off course, the show could also explore the possibility of a completely new person entering the scene. This could be someone who has had a beef with the Nicoletti family or someone who knows that Charlie is a conman and wants to recruit him for a job. Any of these scenarios could play out for Charlie, and at this point, none of them look good for him. If it’s the CIA, then Charlie’s relationship with Emma is in trouble. If it’s Daphne or Connor or some other third party, then also Charlie is in a tricky spot, which spells danger for him and his family.

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