Who Killed David Luque and James Foster in The Snow Girl? Theories

Based on Javier Castillo’s eponymous novel, Netflix’s Spanish series ‘The Snow Girl’ revolves around the disappearance of Amaya Martín, the daughter of Ana and Álvaro. After the disappearance of the girl, Málaga-based police officer Belén Millán and journalist intern Miren Rojo investigate the same parallelly to find Amaya’s kidnappers. Their investigations intersect as they encounter David Luque, one of the family friends of the missing girl’s parents, and James Foster, who was in prison for groping a minor. As the thriller series progresses, David and Foster die mysteriously together. If you are eager to know the identity of their killer, here’s what we can share! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Killed David Luque and James Foster?

After Amaya’s disappearance, David Luque emerges as the first major suspect. Since he already has a prior record of sexually assaulting a minor, Millán considers the possibility of David kidnapping Amaya by taking advantage of his familiarity with her. The police officer’s theory gets proven wrong when she confirms his alibi but still, she conducts a search in an apartment owned by him. After the search at the place, she discovers that David had raped several minors and recorded the same on CDs. The revelation stuns Miren, who is a rape survivor.

Six years after Amaya’s kidnapping, Miren receives a VCR tape that ensures that the missing girl hasn’t died. To find out the sender of the tape, the police determine the model using which the tape was shot, which leads Millán to James Foster, who has not only the same VCR model but also a prior record of groping a minor. Foster also walks away from the police once his alibi is confirmed but he tells Miren that he is aware of her rape since he had watched a recording of the same on Slide, a child pornography website whose contributors include David.

Although both David and Foster get cleared of any suspicion concerning their supposed involvement in Amaya’s disappearance, they get killed in the latter’s RV and their bodies get burnt down along with the vehicle. While conducting a crime scene investigation, Millán finds a photograph of Miren in a locker, which makes her suspect the journalist as the murderer. However, the lack of evidence stops the police officer from prosecuting Miren, who eventually walks away from the authorities. Although she doesn’t get arrested for the murders, Miren seemingly killed the two pedophiles.

After Miren gets interrogated by the police, her mentor and former professor Eduardo tries to console her. He notices a high-end camera in her car and goes through the photographs, only to encounter photos of both David and Foster. From the photographs, it is evident that the journalist has been following the two of them for a while. To save his mentee from the authorities, Eduardo removes the memory card from the camera and gives it to Miren, who destroys the same, seemingly to make sure that the police cannot connect her and the two dead criminals using the photographs.

After buying the list of Slide’s users and administrator, Miren sets out to find the three men who raped her. But since she gets engaged in Amaya’s kidnapping case, she doesn’t make much progress with her search. Soon, David and Foster get killed as well. Miren must have realized how hard it will be for her to find her rapists with the help of only a list of usernames, especially when she doesn’t have enough time to spend on the same. Thus, rather than aspiring to kill her rapists, Miren apparently kills David and Foster as an act of vengeance for honoring the memories of young girls who were raped or sexually assaulted by them.

Image Credit: Niete/Netflix

Miren also has another reason to kill Foster. When she gets into his RV for garnering the list of Slide’s users, he makes her pose for a photograph. Since the list is essential for her to find her rapists, the journalist poses for him despite feeling immensely hurt. Although Foster hasn’t physically harmed her, the mental or emotional impact of posing for a pedophile may have stirred intense hate in her for him, which likely motivates her to kill the sex offender. Likewise, David has boasted about how child pornography will prevail in society even if Miren locks up Slide’s every user. When she meets him at the prison, he makes it clear that he will not help her to find her rapists.

When David gets released from prison and starts to meet Foster, Miren must have thought that they are planning to repeat the same crimes they had committed in the past. Since both of them are not remorseful, the journalist seemingly kills them to stop them from hurting another girl.

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