Who Killed Sara Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Who Killed Sara’ is a Mexican mystery drama series that follows Alex Guzman on the convoluted hunt for his sister’s killer. What started as a long-standing vendetta against the Lazcano family has now evolved into a web of deception and hidden motives. In season 2, Alex delves into Sara’s dark and mysterious history whilst also grappling with the prospect of potentially going back to prison.

Episode 3 is, in a way, the climax that the last two episodes have been building towards. There are major shifts in the power dynamics between characters, and we might even have seen the last of a few major characters on the show. Additionally, a very important moment in Sara’s past is revealed. Let’s try and untangle everything we can about ‘Who Killed Sara‘ season 2 episode 3. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 opens with a flashback, with Don Cesar coming to Sara’s aid as she is being chased by an unknown man in her house. Whilst he has Sara pinned, Don Cesar comes up behind him and shoots him in the head. Hence, at least for the audience, the mystery of who is responsible for the dead body in Alex’s backyard is solved. It also clarifies a point from previous episodes when Don Cesar loudly claims to Alex that he saved Sara’s life.

We then delve into Sara’s meeting with her father, who she tracks down to a local mental institution. By now, Sara herself is seen to be paranoid and delusional, convinced that everybody is trying to kill her. In her fragile state, she is confronted by her scruffy, criminal father, who had raped Sara’s mother, Lucia, and impregnated her with Sara. As he examines Sara hungrily and asks her to help him get out, we see Sara petrified and yet slightly curious about her father. Notably, he mentions multiple times that she is his daughter and is, therefore, like him.

We are then taken back to the present day, where Marifer orders Clara to make Jose Maria obsessed with her and the baby she’s carrying. Later, Clara seduces Jose Maria only to have Lorenzo walk in on them. As he and Jose Maria begin to argue, they are interrupted by Clara’s criminal ex-boyfriend Moncho who demands money from them in exchange for Clara. After a brief fight, Jose Maria stabs Moncho and subdues him.

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Episode 3 Ending: Why is Nicandro Back?

After Elisa and Alex send a folder full of incriminating evidence about Don Cesar to the police, his offices and casino are raided. A defeated Don Cesar calls the police and turns in his colleague Sergio, who is apprehended whilst trying to flee the country. As the police swarm into his casino, Don Cesar pulls out his gun and holds it close to his head.

Marifer, upon hearing the news of Don Cesar’s bust, rushes to find Alex. When she realizes that Elisa has left for Spain, Marifer proceeds to remind Alex about their history as lovers and seduces him. Whilst the two make love, Marifer’s phone begins to ring but goes unnoticed. On the screen, we briefly see the name “Nicandro.” In the closing scenes of the episode, we see a mysterious man, most likely Rodolfo’s childhood friend Nicandro, standing outside Alex’s home holding a phone.

So far, we have only seen Nicandro in flashbacks, where he has come across as Rodolfo’s unpleasant and wealthy childhood friend. We also know that he and Sara have a history as we see them interact on multiple occasions, usually in connection with drugs, which Nicandro sells and offers to Sara as well. In episode 3, we see the present-day version of Nicandro for the first time. For reasons as yet unknown, he is angry at Alex.

This can be inferred from when Nicandro goes to Alex’s mother’s grave and throws away the fresh flowers that Alex has placed there. Although we don’t know why Nicandro is back, his return is somehow connected to Marifer, which is why he calls her phone. Since they are both childhood friends of Alex, Nicandro and Marifer may have an as yet unknown plan to either punish the Lazcanos or try to manipulate Alex.

Is Don Cesar Dead?

We finally see the unstoppable and despicable Don Cesar defeated, with the police raiding his office, casino, and illegal prostitution den. Knowing that he is done for, he does not attempt to run but instead takes out his gun and contemplates whilst holding it close to his head. In the last two episodes, we have seen Don Cesar lose his allies, family, and finally his business, leaving him with nothing. Ironically, it is his daughter Elisa who makes the final decision to reveal all the evidence that incriminates her father.

Coming to the very pertinent question of whether Don Cesar pulls the trigger and ends his life, we must admit that things don’t look good for the patriarch. With the crimes he has committed, as Alex confirms, Cesar is looking at many decades in prison. For a character as proud and domineering as Don Cesar, prison just does not seem like a viable option. Hence, barring any daring escapes and a life of exile, the only outcome we see for the head of the Lazcanos is death.

What Will Marifer Do Next?

Marifer, who moonlights as “Diana the Huntress” and has been helping Alex with his investigation from the start, seems to have accomplished at least one of her objectives, namely that of exposing Don Cesar and his colleague Sergio. However, it is very clear that she is not done yet and has more plans up her sleeve. For one, she has just reintroduced Nicandro into the mix for reasons as yet unknown. The fact that she has brought in another person who is connected with Sara’s death means that she has not closed the chapter yet, despite Don Cesar’s arrest.

Though her relationship with any of the Lazcano siblings is unknown, she has been seen to have great disdain for Mariana, Don Cesar’s wife. Therefore, she might be Marifer’s next target. There is a possibility that Nicandro himself is Marifer’s target, and she is somehow manipulating him. Marifer also seems to be orchestrating the plot involving Clara and Jose Maria, the motivations for which remain unknown so far. Lastly, seeing as how well Marifer has orchestrated the situation from the shadows through Alex, it is very likely that she will continue to manipulate him into helping her achieve her goals. Her seducing him at the end of the episode also, most likely, has to do with an ulterior motive.

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