Who Killed Violet in Manifest?

The fourth season of Netflix’s ‘Manifest’ concludes the story of the mysterious disappearance of Flight 828 by tying up all loose ends of the story. After many twists and turns, the passengers face the Death Date and must accept whatever fate has in store. The outcome turns everything around for the passengers who have survived to see the Death Date and those who were killed long before it arrived. One of those people is Violet. Violet first appeared in Part 1 of Season 4 and shared a storyline with a grown-up Cal. However, Violet met an untimely death before anything could happen between them. What happened to her? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Violet’s Fatal End

The mysterious disappearance and reappearance of 828ers made many people curious, but it also created many problems for the passengers. Soon after their return, the 828ers witnessed hatred from people who thought they were the harbingers of bad things. This hatred towards the passengers continues till the very end, with one or the other faction standing against them, sometimes committing violent acts. Violet Wheeler also became a victim of this hatred.

In the fourth season of ‘Manifest,’ a serial killer targets 828ers. Three passengers, including Violet, are killed. The first victim is Sam Wile, whose body is discovered after Michaela Stone gets a Calling about him. He is killed at home, and Michaela sees a bloodied X in her vision. The next victim is Anna Ross, the woman who harbored Angelina after she killed Grace and kidnapped Eden. She is stabbed in the chest by the killer who shows up at her house. Apart from the fact that they are 828ers, the only connecting thread between them is that they both helped Angelina at one point. Violet happened to be one of those people.

On her date with Cal, Violet confesses that she helped Angelina get some stuff but didn’t know what Angelina had done. Later, Violet is killed by the same serial killer. The cops consider Cal a suspect because he is the last to see her alive. However, Michaela realizes that the X in her vision is actually a cross. This means that the killer is a religious person, and with everything else in mind, she realizes that the killer has to be Angelina or her parents.

Angelina is soon taken off the suspect list, especially considering she had no reason to harm the people who had helped her. Her parents, on the other hand, were quite a different thing. When Angelina returned after five and a half years and had Callings, they thought she was possessed and trapped her in a room, making her so desperate to escape that she was ready to kill herself.

After Angelina kills Grace and kidnaps Eden, her mother, Noelle, denounces her. However, when Angelina arrives at her door, asking for help, Noelle is glad to see her. What makes her behavior suspicious is when people come asking about Angelina, Noelle says that she hasn’t seen her daughter in a long time. In these conversations, her hatred for 828ers comes to the surface. Later, it is revealed that this is her true face. She and her husband, Kenneth, killed the passengers.

Noelle and Kenneth had always been disapproving of the passengers. They thought that whatever happened to 828ers was the devil’s work, and these people brainwashed their daughter to do the devil’s work. They considered Eden an abomination because she was an 828ers daughter. They also blamed the baby for making their daughter commit murder. In their eyes, every 828er, especially those who turned their daughter towards the wrong path by helping her, were bad people who needed to be killed. This is why they killed Sam, Anna, and Violet. Kenneth tried to kill Eden too, but Olive put up a fight and killed him instead.

Violet’s was one of the most tragic deaths in ‘Manifest,’ especially because she made such an impact in such a little time. Her death was shocking because it happened right after her and Cal’s date. It seemed like their date could lead to something else, but Violet was killed before it could pan out. Fortunately, the Death Date restores everything, and the passengers are taken back to 2013 in the timeline where Violet is still alive, getting a second chance at life.

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