Who Plays Iris in The Midnight Sky? Here’s Everything We Know About Caoilinn Springall

‘The Midnight Sky’ is a sci-fi film that portrays George Clooney’s post-apocalyptic vision as he depicts the character of Augustine Lofthouse, an ambitious scientist who ventures through the Arctic Circle with a young girl, Iris, in the aftermath of a global catastrophe to fend off a spaceship. Self-admittedly the most demanding film of the Oscar-winner’s career, he has not only directed it but also co-produced it along with the 7-year-old newcomer, Caoilinn Springall playing the role of Iris.

Prior to the filming of ‘The Midnight Sky, which began in October 2019 amidst harsh winter conditions, Caoilinn Springall had only watched one film of ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox,’ as she jokingly calls Clooney. She bagged the role after clearing the audition process, which took place in London, though she was unaware of what to expect at the end of it.

It all started with her family getting a call to set up her meeting with the casting director and producers, Grant Heslov and Clooney himself. The audition comprised a significant scene that Springall acted out with a plethora of feelings, excitement, and nervousness topping them off. She eventually went numb and then sweated it out until finally getting a call back after a couple of weeks. Accompanied by her mother, the then-6-year-old landed on her set.

Caoilinn bravely showed up for the filming process on a remote glacier in Iceland, wearing big goggles to protect her eyelashes from freezing in the 40 below zero degrees. The child actor had to dig up holes in the ice with a shovel and eventually her hands to stay safe from the cruel gusts of snowy winds. Based on the 2016 bestseller ‘Good Morning, Midnight’ by Lily Brooks-Dalton, the movie interestingly communicates its emotive themes in silence. What’s impressive is that the tender-aged and novice Springall performed all of her scenes in a single take.

Springall’s father wanted to visit Iceland, but her mom crushed his plans by straight out declaring, “Yep, I’m going.” She also has a sister in her family who amusedly pointed out her “big head” while watching ‘The Midnight Sky.’ After spending the lockdown feeling “trapped” due to the online classes and no-outing policy, she is now gearing up for her next project, which is to be shot in Budapest.

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