Who Was Chris Smith’s Alleged Girlfriend Tiffany?

’20/20′ on ABC is an extremely informative show that discusses most headlines that have grabbed America’s attention. One such case, where they discussed the mysterious disappearance of a Laguna Beach entrepreneur Chris Smith, really showed the audience that things are not always as they appear to be. How was a famous playboy model related to this case? Read on to find out. 

Who is Tiffany Taylor?

Tiffany Taylor was born in Leesburg, Virginia, and went to the University of Maryland. To cover her expenses in college, she would waitress and compete in beauty pageants. It was at the Hawaii Tropic National Competition where she was discovered by Playboy and was also titled ‘Miss November 1998.’ She has also appeared as a seductive lady escort in an episode of True Blood on HBO. 

Her involvement in the case can be attributed to Ed Shin, Chris Smith’s former business partner turned murderer. It also really exposes the lengths that people go to cover up their crimes. Shin, in the heat of the argument, had smashed Chris’s head and killed him. Unfortunately, his body was never found. 

After setting up a business called ‘800XChange’ in the media and advertising industry with Ed Shin, Chris was finally a financially successful man. His labor bore great fruit, and at the company’s highest moment, they were raking in a million dollars a month.  At this point in his life, he was also dating a ballet dancer named Erica, and the two of them were crazy for each other. He had even told his father that he loved her very much, and his mother could see her becoming a part of the family.

Thus, when Chris suddenly sold his shares to Ed and supposedly went off on a 3-week trip to the Galapagos Island, his family was not very surprised. Yes, they thought the timing to do so was weird, but as the act itself was not. After all, everyone that knew him described him as free-spirited.  What was weird about the trip was that he was completely off the grid, save for the few emails he allegedly would send to his family and loved ones. One such email included a photo of his new girlfriend and travel companion Tiffany. After a few months, in another email, he claimed to have broken up with her. 

At Ed’s trial, Tiffany would tell the prosecution that she had never even embarked on the trip to Galapagos with Chris in the first place. One can then infer from this that they were never in a relationship either. 

Where is Tiffany Taylor Today?

As mentioned earlier, Tiffany was last seen in the HBO series ‘True Blood’. Since then, Tiffany has been not worked in any movie or tv show, if we go by her IMDb profile. Given the intense nature of her profession, it is quite likely that she is just taking a break from her acting and modeling career.

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