Who Was Robert Berger? Where Is Ben Hone Now?

Breann Lasley and her sister, Kayli Lasley, went through a terrifying experience when an intruder broke into the Salt Lake City, Utah, home before stabbing the former multiple times in her stomach and leg. While the intruder was later identified as ex-convict Robert Berger, the girls were eventually saved by Ben Hone, a policeman who was dispatched to the neighborhood to investigate a separate break-in. Investigation Discovery’s ‘A Noise in the Night’ chronicles the horrific incident and portrays how the police officer acted quickly to save Breann and her sister.

Who Was Robert Berger?

A resident of Salt Lake City, Utah, Robert was a serial offender with a lengthy criminal record. Not much is known about his early life, yet sources indicate he had a normal childhood but got into crime at quite a young age. As a result, Robert was in and out of prison multiple times and was pretty well known in the Utah correctional system. In fact, most of his offenses were related to break-ins or robberies, and reports mentioned that the day before the attack, he had broken out of a halfway house while awaiting his release.

On September 22, 2015, Robert escaped from the halfway house, and the police immediately issued an arrest warrant in his name. However, the convict proved quite elusive and only surfaced when he was spotted trying to break into a house in a Salt Lake City neighborhood. Once spotted, Robert mounted a quick escape before targeting another home where he encountered Mark Widlund and his girlfriend. His girlfriend was the one who initially heard Robert trying to break in, and Mark responded to her cry for help.

Although the convict tried his best to fight back, the couple proved too strong and eventually managed to push him back out through the window. They then called 911 and reported the incident. Surprisingly, Robert did not flee the area even after being discovered and, this time, targeted the house Breann and Kayli Lasley had just moved into. He broke in through the first-floor window that opened into the former’s bedroom and tried to suppress the 27-year-old immediately.

Albeit, Breann fought back, and once they moved to the living room, her 22-year-old sister, Kayli, rushed out of her basement bedroom to try and tackle the intruder together. Nonetheless, Robert was too strong for the girls, and although he pushed Kayli away, Breann somehow dragged him down to the basement, where she hit him on the head with a metal tray. Even that wasn’t enough to deter him, and he somehow overpowered her before taking out a knife and stabbing her multiple times in the stomach and legs.

Meanwhile, Kayli rushed upstairs to call 911, but when the dispatchers did not respond, she went out onto the street and came across police officer Ben Hone, who was investigating the break-in reported by Mark Widlund. He immediately rushed in to help the sisters, and despite Robert trying to use Breann as a human shield, the police officer shot him down on the spot, ending the terrifying ordeal.

Ben Hone is a Proud Family Man Today

At the time of the attack, Ben Hone was an officer with the Salt Lake City police department and was sent to the neighborhood to investigate a reported break-in. As he made his way over to the residence in question, he was flagged down by Kayli Lasley, who begged him to come and rescue her sister. Ben immediately took out his gun and followed the 22-year-old into the house and down to the basement. There he noticed Robert Berger attacking Breann, and when the officer asked him to back off, the intruder shielded himself with her body, threatening to kill her.

Regardless, Ben remained calm even in such an anxious situation and aimed before shooting Robert dead on the spot. He even arranged for the sisters to be shifted to a local hospital, and once Breann and Kayli recovered, they expressed their gratitude for him. The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office always investigates every incident in which an officer of the law uses deadly force while on duty. Hence, Ben’s actions were also examined, and he was soon cleared of any misconduct.

Once Kayli and Breann recovered, they and the community facilitated Ben and his family for his fantastic service. Besides, in 2015, the National Association of Chiefs of Police awarded him the title of Officer of the Year; it was beautiful to witness the bond he maintained with the Lasley sisters. From the looks of it, he still serves as a police officer with the Salt Lake City police department and has built a wonderful life surrounded by his friends and family. Apart from being happily married to his wife, Lauren, Ben is a proud father. We hope success never eludes him in the years to come.

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