Who Will Win the Sekai Taikai Tournament in Cobra Kai? Theories

Image Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix

The spin-off of the ‘Karate Kid’ films, Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ revolves around generations of martial art practitioners as they fight and compete against each other to establish themselves as the best in the valley. Set 34 years after the 1984 All-Valley Karate Tournament, where Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) defeated Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), the series initially revolves around Johnny’s attempt to bring back the titular dojo. As the series progresses, old, fan-favorite characters from the original series resurface, making the overall narrative complex and dynamic. In season 5, we are introduced to a new karate tournament, the Sekai Taikai. If you are wondering who will win the competition, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Sekai Taikai: A Look at the Upcoming Global Tournament

In Japanese, the phrase “Sekai Taikai” literally means “world competition.” Of course, no such competition exists in the real world. It’s a competition that has been created for narrative purposes. In the overall structure of the series, season 5 plays a similar role as season 3. The creators use it to set up the main aspects of the narrative that is to come. In season 3, characters prepare for the 51st All-Valley Tournament, which takes place in season 4. In the same way, we are introduced to the concept of Sekai Taikai in season 5; the competition itself will likely take place in season 6.

Initially, Johnny and Daniel have no idea about the ultimate plan of Terry Silver. They visit John Kreese in prison, and Daniel promises to give him the number of his lawyer if he tells them what Silver really wants. Desperate to get out, Kreese speaks about Sekai Taikai, an international martial art tournament that Silver wanted Cobra Kai to participate in when he and Kreese were younger, but Kreese was disinterested, and Silver dropped the matter. Now, as Silver has full control over the dojo, he decides to enter it into the prestigious but little-known competition.

Having learned this, Daniel, Johnny, and Chozen prepare the students of Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang Karate. Meanwhile, after realizing how inept the local instructors are, Silver brings Kim Da-Eun, the daughter of his and Kreese’s Tang Soo Do master, and her team from South Korea to Los Angeles. In exchange for her help, Silver promises Kim Da-Eun that her father’s fighting style will become widely known.

Image Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix

When the organizers of Sekai Taikai come to inspect the students of Cobra Kai, Daniel and Johnny convince them to consider their students as well. The organizers inspect the three dojos individually before a male and a female champion representing Cobra Kai take on a male and a female champion representing both Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang. Kenny defeats Hawk, but Sam wins against Devon, and all three dojos are ultimately qualified for Sekai Taikai.

Like the most recent All-Valley Tournament, Sekai Taikai will likely have separate male and female categories. Among the characters that appear in the show, Sam, Devon, and Tory are the real contenders in the female category. If Aisha Robinson returns for the sixth season, she too can be a potential winner.

Among the boys, Miguel, Robby, Hawk, and Kenny are the ones to look out for. After Silver’s arrest, Cobra Kai is at its lowest point since Johnny brought it back. It’s possible that Kreese might come back and revive it, especially since Stingray has finally told the authorities the truth. If that happens, students like Tory and Kenny might return to represent Cobra Kai.

As a show, ‘Cobra Kai’ has a long history of pleasantly surprising its audience, especially during the seasons that depict tournaments. For instance, Hawk’s victory in the male section of the 51st All-Valley Tournament was a much-appreciated surprise. Given this track record, it is hard to predict who will be the winners. But then again, considering the stage of the event, the creators just might opt for a more conventional ending to the competition with Miguel and Sam as the winners.

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