Why Did 90 Day Fiance’s Kobe Blaise and Emily Get Engaged?

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiance’ takes the viewer through several cross-border relationships as it features several engaged couples comprising a US national and a foreign citizen. The show follows the journey of the pairs as their foreign partners arrive in the United States on a K-1 visa, which means they have just 90 days to get married. Failure to stick to the strict term will lead to them getting sent back. Yet, 90 days is seemingly too brief a period to iron out all issues, mostly stemming from cultural and lifestyle differences. However, each couple tries to reach a mutual understanding, all in the name of love.

Season 9 of ’90 Day Fiance’ introduced Emily, who left her hometown of Salina, Kansas, and traveled to the Chinese city of Xi’an to teach English. There, she met Cameroon native Kobe Blaise in a nightclub and decided to spend a night with him. However, things escalated quickly, and the couple found themselves engaged within two weeks. As their engagement was a whirlwind affair, we decided to investigate further and find out why and how Emily ended up getting engaged to Kobe!

Why Did 90 Day Fiance’s Kobe Blaise and Emily Get Engaged?

Originally from the city of Salina in Kansas, Emily got an opportunity to teach English in Xi’an, China, for two months. Although she was not looking for a serious relationship, Emily was spending an enjoyable night in a nightclub in the city when she first came across Kobe Blaise. Kobe, who originally hailed from Cameroon, was also far away from his home country and realized he had an instant connection with Emily. While the mutual attraction was pretty apparent, it did not take long for the pair to get comfortable in each other’s company.

Moreover, as both Emily and Kobe lived alone in the foreign country, they decided to spend the night together. Surprisingly, without any future plans, the one-night-stand turned into a steamy romance as Emily and Kobe found it extremely difficult to stay apart for even a short time. Their chemistry was truly astounding, and the two even managed to reach a level of mutual understanding which made their relationship flourish.

However, fate had other plans, and Emily learned that she was pregnant, much to everyone’s surprise. Shortly before that, Kobe had proposed to Emily, who happily said, “Yes.” Thus, the couple went from having a one-night steamy encounter to pregnancy and engagement, all within the span of a few weeks. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic soon forced Emily to return to the United States, and unfortunately, Kobe was not able to be there for the birth of their son.

The show mentioned that Kobe’s K-1 visa was delayed by two years, and once the couple finally met face to face, they had a lot of problems to sort through. For starters, Kobe felt like Emily had put on more weight, an outlook that disappointed the Kansas native. Moreover, as per the show, Emily’s father warned her about not getting pregnant again, but from the looks of it, Kobe and Emily had to deal with a second pregnancy scare which caused further issues between them.

Although Kobe and Emily have since embraced their parental duties and are pretty devoted to their child, they have stopped featuring each other on their respective social media profiles, making fans speculate about a breakup. While recent developments do not bode well for the couple — as even their interactions on social media are quite formal and cold — we hope the coming future brings them happiness in whatever they do.

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