Why Did Ruby Rose Leave Batwoman?

‘Batwoman’ is a superhero television series on The CW, based on the eponymous DC Comics character. It is a part of the Arrowverse, and the first season focuses on Kate Kane, AKA Batwoman, the cousin of Bruce Wayne. Ruby Rose portrays the titular character in season 1, but soon after the season ended, the actress announced her exit from the series. You might be aware of the criticism Rose faced upon being cast as the female superhero. However, it is unlikely that it would cause Ruby Rose to walk out of the famous series. So, why did she leave ‘Batwoman?’ If you are curious, what we know might help you put your mind at ease!

Why Did Ruby Rose Leave Batwoman?

In mid-May 2020, Ruby Rose announced that she was stepping out of the shoes of Kate Kane, AKA Batwoman from The CW series. Although she did not give out the details or a particular reason why she was leaving the show, she expressed her sincere gratitude towards the producers, network, and the cast and crew. The model and actress said that the role resonated with her deeply, and it was one of the most rewarding characters she had ever played. However, in an August 2020 interview with Entertainment Weekly, she further elaborated on her decision.

In 2019, Ruby Rose sustained a serious injury while performing a stunt for the show, which left her with two herniated discs that could sever her spinal cord. The actress revealed that she ran the risk of being paralyzed had she not undergone emergency surgery. Although most people would take months to recover from such a thing, Rose returned to the production set after ten days. In hindsight, Rose admitted that it was not the best decision. Although the potentially life-changing injury was a big reason she did not want to be a part of the series, it was not the only reason. The emotional strain of filming was also reported to be a significant contributing factor.

Rose shared that the pandemic and quarantine gave her time to reflect on where she wanted to see herself professionally. It has been reported that after a conversation between Rose and the producers, they came to a mutual agreement to part ways. Sources have also revealed that the actress was finding it challenging to deal with the filming schedule of the Arrowverse series. However, Rose is proud of everything she has achieved as a part of ‘Batwoman.’ The Australian actress made history by essaying the role of the first gay lead character in a live-action superhero series.

In season 2, we see Javicia Leslie play Ryan Wilder, who becomes the next Batwoman. Leslie is also the first Black woman to portray the female superhero. For the longest time, the viewers were unsure if they would ever see Kate Kane again since the character was involved in a plane crash in the second season’s premiere episode. However, in episode 9 of season 2, we saw that Wallis Day had been recast as Kate Kane since the character survives the crash. Ruby Rose has openly expressed how delighted she is to see Leslie become the next Batwoman.

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