Why Does Homelander Kill Black Noir in The Boys, Explained

Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ is known for its shock value. It always drops bombs at the audience just when they least expect it. Alliances and loyalties mean nothing in this world because everyone is keeping secrets and everyone has an ulterior motive. Homelander is well aware of this.

Despite being the most powerful Supe in existence, he knows the value of aligning oneself with the right people. However, his rage often gets the best of him, and he ends up killing people who have done him wrong. He especially doesn’t take well to people who keep secrets from him. In the seventh episode, he discovers that Soldier Boy is his father. While he’s hearing about it for the first time, he knows that there are others who knew about it and kept it a secret. Noir is often the one who knows all about Vought’s dirty laundry. He has kept many secrets over the years, but this one proves fatal to him. Here’s why. SPOILERS AHEAD

Why Does Homelander Kill Black Noir?

Black Noir had always been a mysterious figure in the Seven. He was always quiet and remained on the sidelines, only showing up when Vought wanted him to do their dirty work. The third season peels the layers of his story, giving us an insight into a lot of things that’d made him such an intriguing figure. One thing that’d always been clear about Noir is that he was only loyal to Vought. He didn’t care about other Supes, and never found any solidarity with them. Not even Homelander, who considered Noir his closes ally, was his friend.

Noir did a lot of secret missions for Vought. Even Homelander wasn’t aware of them, especially the ones that were before his time. The seventh episode of the show reveals that Homelander is Soldier Boy’s son. Vought had used Soldier Boy’s sperm to create the boy who would become the next face of the company. The boy was more powerful than Soldier Boy, and he could also fly, something that no other Supe had been able to do so far. They knew that eventually, Homelander would become the hero who’d represent them. They also knew that Soldier Boy might not approve of it.

Vought knew how abusive Soldier Boy was. They knew that his entire team hated him. They didn’t do anything about it before because Soldier Boy was indispensable. But now, that had changed. Now, they had Homelander and Soldier Boy was a hurdle.  So, to get him out of the way, they gave a green signal to Payback to capture Soldier Boy and give him over to the Russians.

Noir knew about Homelander, and he also knew that Soldier Boy was his father. The secret was never supposed to come out, which is why Noir didn’t say anything about it. Also, what could he have told Homelander? That he got rid of the only family he ever had! Homelander had always been unstable. He was also very keen on finding his family. When he discovered that he had a son, he did everything he could to find him. We also see that Homelander really does love Ryan. Growing up in a lab and being brought up as a product, the only real sense of family he can get is from his blood.

Homelander feels a similar camaraderie with Soldier Boy. It is a time of great joy for the leader of the Seven, who doesn’t have to feel alone anymore. Not only does he have a son, but he also has a father. With three generations of superheroes in one place, there is no one who can defy them. Homelander wouldn’t have to be wary of every other person, figuring out who is plotting to kill him next. Noir knew how Homelander felt. He knew that if he told him that Soldier Boy was his father, Homelander would go digging into the past and that would mean certain death for Noir. And it turns out he was right.

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