Why Does Jack Ryan Resign as Deputy Director of CIA?

Image Credit: Attila Szvacsek/Prime Video

The fourth season of Prime Video’s ‘Jack Ryan’ finds the titular character on his most challenging mission yet. The threats are pouring in from everywhere as two international criminal organizations plan to converge while receiving help from some very powerful people in Washington, DC. Ryan knows it’s important to figure out who is at the bottom of this conspiracy and, more importantly, what role the CIA played in it under the leadership of people like Thomas Miller.

This is the time when the CIA needs people like Ryan the most. However, at the beginning of the third episode, he tenders his resignation from the post of deputy director of the CIA. This is when he was supposed to be confirmed just days later. Why did Ryan do that? Let’s find out.

Why Did Jack Ryan Resign?

Image Credit: Jonny Cournoyer/Prime Video

In the four seasons we have seen Jack Ryan, he has been involved in the missions that take him right in the middle of the action. He has been globetrotting, trying to contain the threats that could destroy the world. In all this, he has met and gone up against some very powerful and dangerous people. The one thing that he has managed to stay away from is politics. However, at the beginning of the fourth season, when he is nominated for the position of deputy director, he discovers that politics is a very important part of his new post.

Elizabeth Wright is about to be confirmed as the director of the CIA, and the same would have happened for Jack Ryan as the deputy director. However, Wright and Ryan have very different reputations. Wright is known to stick to the rulebook while carrying out any mission. She is known to show restraint and handle situations with a keen sense of how they might affect the country and the consequences her actions could have. In contrast to this, Ryan is seen as a reckless asset who has broken the rules too many times to care for them.

Instead of following protocols, he is prone to trust his gut and often takes risks that could easily lead to a bad outcome. When the Senate Committee, whose task is to confirm whether he is fit for the job, looks into his past, they become concerned about the precedent Ryan would set if he continued his practices. In the hearing, they bring up the events in Russia, where Ryan trusted Luca, a Russian, with a sensitive decision that could have had devastating consequences.

Image Credit: Attila Szvacsek/Prime Video

Luckily for Ryan, things have always worked out in his favor. The risks he has taken have produced the intended results. However, the Committee wonders when he’ll run out of luck and do something terrible, even unintentionally. They have more faith in Wright but are still on edge about Ryan. With the trouble brewing in Myanmar, Nigeria, and Mexico, Ryan knows it’s more important for him to chase the leads and find out what’s happening with the convergence of all these forces. However, he needs to be on the field and do what he does best.

Undertaking another black ops mission would completely spoil whatever goodwill Ryan has with the Committee. Worse, it could reflect on Wright, ruining her chances of getting confirmed. Ryan doesn’t want to risk that. So, he decides to resign from the post. This way, he can join Chavez in finding Chao Fah and end the nefarious plans carried out by mysterious forces. With him gone, Wright wouldn’t be under fire, and her confirmation would go forward smoothly. The President knows his point is completely valid, so he accepts Ryan’s resignation, though not before he suggests a suitable replacement, i.e., Greer.

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