Why Was Lexi Wilson Fired From Below Deck Med?

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ is airing its sixth season, which seems to be one of the most dramatic installments of the show the viewers have seen. While matters aboard the Lady Michelle have been quite sour lately, one of the outcomes has been stewardess Lexi Wilson being fired. Captain Sandy Yawn was compelled to make this decision in the thirteenth episode. However, most of you may not be surprised, given Lexi’s behavior throughout the season. But if you want to know why she was fired, we’ve got the scoop!

Why Did Captain Sandy Yawn Fire Lexi Wilson From Below Deck Med?

Lexi’s interactions with her fellow crew members have been far from ideal. While she has butted heads with almost each one of the crew members, the vitriolic words she threw at Chef Mathew Shea simply crossed the line. As was apparent, the chef did nothing to help the situation as he continued to push Lexi’s buttons. However, what Lexi said in response was in very poor taste. After using the r-word, she said that Mathew’s parents should have “aborted” him. She even went on to make a physical threat when she admitted that if it weren’t for the cameras, she would “smack his ass.”

Although this was not the first time Lexi’s behavior has caused so much trouble, the incident with Mathew pretty much sealed her fate. Following several meetings with other crew members, Captain Sandy had “the talk” with her. The Captain told Lexi that it was not an easy decision to make, but she would have to let her go. She even hugged the stewardess and let her know that she thought highly of her as a person but felt that the former beauty queen needed to work on herself. Subsequently, Lexi left without saying goodbye to almost everyone except Malia.

As one can imagine, Lexi faced a lot of backlash on social media. But soon after season 6 episode 13 aired, the former stewardess took to Instagram to explain herself. In a now-deleted post, she claimed that the phone conversation she was having with her mother was about a different friend and had nothing to do with any of her fellow crew members. She even wrote, “These people are the worst in life! That episode is completely edited down, and the stories are unrelated to the argument.” According to her, the editors pieced together content from different conversations to portray her in a negative light.

Apart from hitting back at Bravo for her “unfair” portrayal, Lexi even pointed fingers at the executive producer Nadine Rajabi on social media. “And the nerve of you to message me talking about how you treated me fairly #nadinerajabi when you allowed this to happen,” she wrote. Apparently, Lexi has been flooded with hateful messages from fans. But she made it perfectly clear that she was not willing to take any more negativity from people.

Lexi even pointed out that she was not happy with her personal Instagram page being used as a “discussion board” for people who opined about something that was filmed a year ago. Seeing how Lexi’s Instagram account is now private, it possibly hints that she no longer wants to dwell on the matter.

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