Why Was Ryan Fired From Teen Mom OG?

‘Teen Mom OG’ is a reality television series that follows young mothers as they try to balance their parenting responsibilities alongside their relationships with their families and their significant others. The series shines a light on the interpersonal dynamics of the people involved in their child’s life and the challenges that the mothers face. The MTV series is a spin-off of ’16 and Pregnant.’

One of the regular cast members we have been seeing is Maci McKinney, who shares her son Bentley with her ex-fiancé, Ryan Edwards. It is no news that the relationship between the two has been on thin ice, given Ryan’s struggle with drugs and related legal issues. But the latest update is that Ryan Edwards has been fired from ‘Teen Mom’ and the fans want to know what happened and where he is now. So here is all that we’ve got!

Why Was Ryan Fired From Teen Mom?

Ryan Edwards and his wife Mackenzie have been fired from the series, along with his parents Larry and Jen Edwards. The news broke out after the reunion on the show, where things got incredibly heated between Maci’s husband, Taylor McKinney, and Larry. Since Maci and Ryan are reportedly not on speaking terms, she had been in touch with Ryan’s parents to coordinate Bentley’s visits.

The matters between Maci and Ryan’s families got worse when their son Bentley said that he did not want to go to Ryan and Mackenzie’s house for their son’s birthday. In the show, we also see that the youngster insisted that his father join him for therapy. Fans are also unlikely to forget that Mackenzie and Maci have exchanged heated words over social media in the past. While Maci has often voiced her displeasure because she felt that Ryan has mostly been an absent figure in Bentley’s life, Ryan and his family claim that they had not been allowed to see Bentley on various occasions. Therefore, it seems as though the tension between the families had been simmering for a long time.

Regarding their exit from the show, Mackenzie claimed that Maci was responsible for getting them fired. She alleged that Maci’s agent spoke to Viacom because she wanted the series to focus on all aspects of her own life. With the Edwards family out of the picture, it would make it possible for Maci to be in the spotlight, is what Mackenzie claims. Mackenzie stated that the family is relieved to step out of the media glare and live their lives regularly. She also said that although the network wanted to keep the door open for them, Ryan expressed that he was not keen on coming back on the show. However, it is not clear whether Larry and Jen would like to return. Ryan told The Sun that Maci fought to have his family off the show because she was concerned that they would start “telling the truth.”

Where Is Ryan Edwards Now?

The fans of the show have seen Ryan at different points in his life, including his numerous brush-ups with the law and his stints at a rehab for heroin abuse. However, his father, Larry, revealed that the reality TV personality has been sober since 2019. He also said that Mackenzie and the kids have helped Ryan stay sober and focused in life. However, Ryan admitted that he is walking a tight rope as far as a possible relapse is concerned. As much as he wants to remain sober, he said that he cannot guarantee it but is willing to do whatever it takes to stay sober and be there for his family. According to Larry’s statement, this is why Ryan will not fight for custody of Bentley since the stress could trigger a relapse.

Ryan, it seems, has been busy with his business of building dune buggies. He cited this as the reason why he has not been concerned about being fired from the show. Apart from his work, Ryan is raising three children with Mackenzie. The couple also tries to spend as much time as possible with Bentley. 

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