Wild Crime Renewed For Season 4 at Hulu

Hulu has renewed the documentary crime series ‘Wild Crime’ for a fourth season. The upcoming installment will revolve around the serial killer and felon Israel Keyes. The filming of the season will begin next month in Portland, Maine, with Lisa Wolfinger on board as a director.

Israel Keyes

Keyes was infamous for a reign of terror spanning from July 2001 to February 2012. Among his victims was Samantha Koenig, an 18-year-old barista from Anchorage, Alaska, who tragically fell prey to Keyes’ brutality. Before Koenig’s kidnapping and murder, Keyes operated under the radar of law enforcement agencies, his acts shrouded in secrecy. Koenig’s untimely demise shed light on Keyes’ existence, ultimately leading to his capture.

In a haunting detail, Keyes sewed Koenig’s eyelids open for a chilling “proof of life” photo, leaving behind a legacy of terror and sorrow. It is believed that Keyes killed eleven people, but only three, including Koenig, have been definitively identified. The remains of Koenig were found in Matanuska Lake, Alaska, in April 2012. The fourth installment will also revolve around Anchorage police Officer Jeff Bell, who interrogated Keyes after his arrest.

The third season of the show premiered in November 2023. The installment follows the aftermath of the experienced hiker Meredith Emerson’s disappearance, prompting a massive search-and-rescue operation. The investigation took a dark turn as two other missing hiker cases, which ended in murder, surfaced, leading investigators to ponder the possibility of a serial killer targeting Meredith. Gary Michael Hilton, a notorious serial killer with a history of escaping justice, resurfaced as a prime suspect. The hunt for Hilton intensified as police uncovered a dumpster containing clothing stained with blood, leading to a confession from Hilton.

Portland, the principal location of the fourth installment, previously served as the backdrop for productions such as ‘Heightened’ and ‘Time’s Up.’

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