Wild West Alaska Cast: Where Are They Now?

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Animal Planet’s ‘Wild West Alaska’ is a reality television series that follows the everyday activities of Jim West, the owner, and his team as they work at the Wild West Gun Shop, considered the state’s largest and most successful gun shop. They were well-known for being able to build weapons for all possible occasions. West would act as the guide and accompany Alaskans on hunting trips and excursions, making each experience more eventful than the last. Each of the crew members was known for their unique personalities and for bringing a bit of themselves to the show. While it’s been some time since the show ended, fans can’t help but wonder where their favorite Wild West Alaskans are now.

Jim West is Busy Moving the Shop to Another Site

Everyone’s favorite guide found himself in a spot of bother with the state’s wildlife authorities. In 2014, Jim West was charged with 17 hunting violations, of which he pleaded guilty to four counts of hunting and guiding violations. This eventually led him to pay fines worth thousands and also commit about 80 hours of community service.

It was argued by his lawyers that the charges were brought in to allegedly boost the ratings of another reality show and that he was wrongly being framed. None of the claims were substantiated. He also expanded his business and set up another shop in Las Vegas, but the shop has been liquidated, and they are set to move to a new location. Jim actively chooses to stay away from social media and only uses an account linked to the shop to share updates with gun enthusiasts.

Ken Feinman Now Spends Most of His Time in Thailand

One of the most fun-loving guys on the show, Ken Feinman, now spends most of his time traveling all around Southeast Asia and has a particular fondness for Bangkok, Thailand, where he is currently based. He likes to chronicle his travels and his food adventures. Ken is quite active on social media and keeps uploading his travel diaries for his fans and well-wishers to see and enjoy with him.

Hans Weinmeister Passed Away in 2018

The life of the show and one of the most charming personalities, Hans sadly passed away on December 4, 2018. The 66-year-old was full of life and had a passion for hunting and fishing. He left behind a grieving family consisting of siblings, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. To provide support and assistance to his family through donations, a memorial on GoFundMe was also set up called The Hans Weinmeister Memorial Fund.

In keeping with his love for fishing, there was also a fund set up for the grant of the restoration of salmon survival and restoration. Hans was laid to rest in Seattle, where he was born.

Carolyn “Phred” Nolin is Pursuing Her Love for Adventures and Sports

Being an adventure lover, Carolyn has continued to pursue her passion for cycling and hunting. She enjoys spending her time with family and friends. She also likes to brush up on her drawing and sketching skills and often posts snippets of her handiwork. When not working on honing her artistic abilities, she prefers spending time with her family and friends. She is also the proud owner of an adorable little puppy named Losi.

Her love for cycling saw her finish 9th at the Redbull400 event in Park City in 2019. This also saw her qualify for the World Championships. Carolyn also found love and got married but has preferred to keep the details of it private. She’s quite active on social media and is often seen posting with her loved ones.

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