Will Gallo End Up Together with Tracy or Violet in Chicago Fire?

Image Credit: Adrian Burrows Sr/NBC

In NBC’s action series ‘Chicago Fire,’ Blake Gallo nurtures feelings for his colleague Violet Mikami. Since Violet gets together with Chief Evan Hawkins, Gallo finds it hard to deal with his intense emotions, until he meets Tracy. After a chance encounter, Gallo has sex with Tracy without even knowing who she really is. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that Tracy is the niece of the over-protective Christopher Herrmann. In the fifth episode of the eleventh season, Gallo and Tracy’s relationship gets stronger despite Herrmann’s attempts to protect his niece from the men around him. Naturally, the viewers must be eager to find out who will be Gallo’s potential partner. Well, let us share our thoughts concerning the same!

Will Gallo End Up Together with Tracy or Violet?

When Violet gets into a relationship with Evan Hawkins, Gallo finds it hard to deal with the same. Due to Emma’s blackmail that threatens Violet’s career, Gallo is even forced to work alongside Hawkins for the sake of Violet. As he immerses himself in the sadness of the same, Tracy comes to his life with joy. In Tracy, Gallo finds happiness and the fact that Herrmann doesn’t approve of the same intensifies their connection as well. Since their bond is getting gradually stronger and unignorable, the viewers cannot be blamed for expecting their union. However, it may not happen right away.

Image Credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

When Gallo meets Tracy, Violet has been sharing her life with Hawkins. Since the paramedic chief dies during a duty call, Gallo may need to make a decision after much deliberation. Considering that Violet is single, Gallo may get tempted to reignite his feelings for her. Although the paramedic is not at all ready for another relationship, at least for a long while, the waiting period may not discourage Gallo at all. If he realizes that he has a shot in their union, he may wait for Violet to completely move on from Hawkins’ death. If Violet succeeds in doing the same, as Kelly Severide does, Gallo may lean toward Violet rather than toward Tracy.

After Hawkins’ death, Violet needs emotional support. Even though Severide provides the same for the initial days of her return to Firehouse 51, he may not be always accessible. More than Sylvie Brett, who is dealing with a tough phase of her life after her break up with Matthew Casey, Gallo can be more available for Violet to lean into. If that’s the case, such a bond may grow to become a romantic union. Through Gallo, Violet may even be able to finally move on from her past, like Severide does by sharing his life with Stella Kidd. Considering these possibilities, Gallo and Violet’s union is indeed possible.

Having said that, Tracy may not be completely out of the picture. If Gallo doesn’t want to force himself into Violet’s life again, especially when she is vulnerable, he may want to build a life with Tracy. Gallo may even think that Violet needs a friend more than a lover for the time being and he may act accordingly. “Gallo, definitely, his feelings [for Violet] are the same but he’s going to do his damnedest to bury them by having a lot of fun with other Chicagoans,” co-showrunner Andrea Newman told TV Insider. Thus, we most likely will not be seeing Gallo and Violet’s union anytime soon.

If Tracy becomes an essential part of Gallo’s life soon, he may even consider sharing his life with her instead of waiting for Violet. However, Tracy hasn’t been open about her feelings for Gallo yet. If she has been seeing their relationship as nothing more than a fling, the chances of us seeing Gallo and Violet’s union increase.

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