Will There be a Five Feet Apart 2?

The ending of ‘Five Feet Apart’ gives us hope for Stella and Will. The story is open-ended which allows us to let our imagination run free and choose whatever ending we want for our protagonists. Should the filmmakers choose to build upon that and bring the story to a proper close, they have a great number of possibilities. The book on which the film is based doesn’t have a sequel, so we don’t yet know where the cinematic version might take Stella and Will. But there is a little something that we can talk about.

Five Feet Apart Sequel Release Date

The book ends on a completely different note than the movie. In the movie, Nurse Barbara tells Will that the treatment isn’t working for him. In the book, however, the doctor goes a bit further than that. He tells Will that not only is he not responding to the treatment, but he is so worse off that he has just one year left in his lifetime. Stella receives the transplant. With her life expectancy increased considerably, Will doesn’t want her to feel sad about his situation. He breaks off their relationship and leaves. Stella continues to make her videos and talks about the importance of human touch. The scene cuts to Will watching her video. He is at an airport with his friend, waiting for the flight to Rio. A short distance from him, Stella is waiting for her flight to Rome. Their eyes meet and they walk up to each other, maintaining a distance of six feet. Stella closes it to five.

Much like the film, the book leaves an open ending for the readers. With both protagonists on their way to different destinations, there is hope for their reunion. Both of them have decided to walk out of the confines of the hospital and check things off their to-do list. The filmmakers might have intentionally left out this part if they were planning for a sequel. The story could begin with them meeting each other in a random place and reigniting their relationship. Another fact that the film leaves out is the one-year expiration date placed on Will. Perhaps, they want him to get better, and consequently, give a happy ending to Stella and Will. Considering everything, we cannot completely rule out the possibility of a sequel even though it is unlikely. And if it does get greenlit, we expect Five Feet Apart 2 to release sometime in 2023.

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