William Davis Murder: Where Is Chad Evans Now?

The residents of Colorado Springs, Colorado, witnessed a terrifying murder when William Davis and Chad Evans were shot in cold blood by masked gunmen while attending a party. Although Chad managed to escape the jaws of death, William succumbed to his injuries turning the investigation into a homicide. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda: Knock Knock’ chronicles the gruesome murder and shows how the police were able to bring the perpetrator to justice. Let’s take a closer look at the crime and figure out where the killer is at present, shall we?

How Did William Davis Die?

William Davis was 29 at the time of his murder and resided in Colorado Springs with his girlfriend, Nora Evans, and her son, Chad Evans. He was pretty popular in his community, and acquaintances mentioned how William was always ready to extend a helping hand to anyone in need. Moreover, people who knew William also talked about his generosity and how the 29-year-old dreamt of a wonderful future with his girlfriend and family. However, fate had other plans as his life was cruelly snatched away in a crime fueled by rage.

On July 8, 1994, William was attending a party in the house he shared with Nora and Chad when masked shooters knocked on the door and broke into the residence. The attackers proceeded to tie everyone up before shooting Evans in the chest. On the other hand, William was shot from behind in the head and was in a critical situation. One of Nora’s friends decided to pay her a visit on that same night and was welcomed by the terrifying scene.

She wasted no time in contacting the police, and once first responders reached the crime scene, William and Chad were transported to a local hospital. Although Chad managed to recover gradually, William succumbed to his wounds, and an autopsy determined that gunshot wounds caused his death. Moreover, upon closer inspection of the house, the police realized that the masked men were desperately searching for something, indicating that the hit was a planned one.

Who Killed William Davis?

The initial investigation into William’s death was relatively slow as the detectives had almost no leads to follow. Nora Evans seemed completely distraught at her boyfriend’s death and refused to be interviewed by the police. She claimed she knew nothing about the gunmen and expressed her desire to be left alone. Law enforcement officers also visited Chad once he recovered from his injuries, but the 19-year-old was unable to describe the attackers.

Chad claimed that the trauma of the ordeal erased the details from his memory, and thus, authorities found themselves back on square one. Interestingly, according to the episode, further investigation revealed that William was involved in the drug business and had multiple targets on his back. Moreover, the show also mentioned how the police found out about Chad’s involvement with a street gang and wondered if the murder was tied to that part of his life. However, most witnesses on the list had proper alibis and were struck off from the investigation.

Eventually, the police were led to Dee Sutton, who was described as one of William’s associates. The show claimed that William had slept with Dee’s girlfriend, which led to a fallout between the men. Still, Dee denied being involved in the murder and insisted on his innocence. Almost at their wit’s end, the police decided to try one last rime and put in an effort to get in touch with William’s right-hand man, Paul Murphy. Once authorities got a hold of Paul, they brought him down to the station and questioned him about William’s murder.

Put under tough interrogation, Paul finally cracked and confessed that Dee Sutton and Alonzo Hankins were the masked gunmen who broke into the house on the fateful night. As per the show, Paul further went on to state that everyone, including Dee, Chad, and Nora, were unhappy with the way Williams treated them, and thus, they had decided to rob him as payback. However, the situation went out of control, which led to Dee shooting William and Alonzo discharging his gun at Chad. Finally, with enough evidence to warrant an arrest, the police charged Paul Murphy, Nora Evans, Chad Evans, Dee Sutton, and Alonzo Hankins with murder.

Where Is Chad Evans Now?

Paul Murphy was the first accused to face trial, but he went on to recant his confession. The show mentions that with no other evidence present, Paul, along with Nora, Chad, Dee, and Alonzo, were acquitted of all charges. Since his acquittal, Chad Evans has embraced privacy and prefers to stay under the radar. He has a limited presence on social media, and his picture was not even featured on the episode.

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