Are Winter and Jah From The Family Chantel Still Together?

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno’s tumultuous relationship has been in the public domain since their appearance on season 4 of ‘90 Day Fiancé.’ With the growing popularity of the couple and their unique bond, TLC decided to navigate the lives of the Everett family in ‘The Family Chantel,’ which premiered on July 22, 2019. The couple’s weird antics are the primary focus of this spinoff series, and one of its cast members, Winter Everett, stole the spotlight with the intriguing highs and lows in her life.

While Winter’s fans did not see the reality star indulge in a lot of melodrama, her intrusive parents and sister did not restrain from making themselves a part of her love story. The recent turn of events shows that the Everetts might have gone a bit too far and jeopardized Winter’s relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Jah. We got curious to dig deeper into her journey, and here is everything we found out!

Winter and Jah: The Family Chantel Journey

Chantel Everett’s younger sister, Winter, had managed to stay away from the limelight during most of the season. But to live a non-dramatic life seems implausible, mainly when her parents are used to hiring a private investigator at the drop of a hat. While Pedro’s background check did not bring forward any drastic results, the same cannot be said about Jah, whom Winter had been dating for the past six years. Winter had happily become a mother figure to his daughter and given a piece of her heart to the baby-girl.

However, it was revealed that he also fathered a son from his previous affair. Winter was taken aback after learning about her boyfriend’s secret child. The fact that Jah never trusted her enough to open up about his past during their years-long relationship devastated her. The pair exploded into a fight moments after Chantel and her mother, Karen, showed the “paperwork” that proved his dishonesty. Winter’s family tried its best to give her the much needed time and space to figure out how she wanted to handle the tricky situation.

They even took her along for a visit to her brother-in-law’s family home in the Dominican Republic to block all the “negative energy” that might hinder her healing process. Even though Jah was visibly embarrassed, he acted offended that the Everetts had encroached upon his privacy. But there is also a high possibility that he put in his honest efforts to make amends with his then-girlfriend. The incident necessitated him to present forth a well-grounded explanation to his bizarre secret-keeping. But did he succeed in making sense of the chaos or let his ego get the better of him?

Are Winter and Jah Still Together?

From the looks of it, Winter and Jah are either not together or have decided to keep their journey low-key after the recent occurrences. However, in all honesty, the latter hardly seems viable. Chantel’s sister has discreetly hinted that her relationship with Jah is a thing of the past by wiping off all trace of him from her social media accounts. While Winter has more than 35K followers on her Instagram account, the reality star would certainly not want to keep her longtime beau hidden from them.

This alone is concrete proof of their unannounced break-up that will most probably be displayed on the upcoming season of ‘The Family Chantel.’ It would not come as a shock to anyone who has followed their story so far. The first season ended with Jah leaving the apartment in a state of shock and the poor girl spending the night trying to process the catastrophic event.

As the second edition is set to grace the screens, Winter seems to have embarked on a self-care journey. She has been exhibiting her stunning weight loss transformation and has also got pink elastics that she regularly flaunts while smiling. It seems that she is passionately pursuing her performance aspirations as her Backstage profile states her to be a skilled dancer, actor, singer, and writer of character dialogues.

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