Worthy Brands on Shark Tank: Here’s the Latest Update on Them

When it comes to medical products, innovation and creativity have always been welcomed in order to help out those in need. The need for quality items is even more important when it comes to children given their special needs, especially when it comes to not losing their sense of fun and comfort. Inspired by events in her own life and the medical diagnosis of her daughter, Paige Brattin established Worthy Brands, a company that makes medical patches and other products primarily for those diagnosed with amblyopia or cancer. The entrepreneur went on to showcase her product on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank,’ season 15, episode 1. For those eager to learn more about the brand and its current whereabouts, worry not because we have your back!

Worthy Brands: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

All the way from Honolulu, Hawaii, Paige Brattin has been active in the world of business for a very long time, having once operated a maternity boutique. In 2009, she became a mother to her daughter Eddy, having left the world of business behind the previous year. Not long after, the little girl was diagnosed with refractive amblyopia. Those diagnosed with this condition often have differing focuses in their two eyes.

The standard solution to refractive amblyopia is for the person to wear a patch over the “stronger” eye so that the other eye can adjust and become better on its own. However, both mother and daughter were far from satisfied with their options when it came to the patches needed for Eddy’s diagnosis. This was primarily because the available products were both uncomfortable and felt outdated.

Building upon her experience as a businesswoman and a mother, as well as her daughter’s feedback, Paige launched See Worthy Patches, a line of patches under the brand Worthy Brands that have become beloved for being comfortable, breathable, visually appealing, and child-friendly. Paige launched another product after her father was diagnosed with lymphoma and had to go through the grueling process of chemotherapy.

Port Worthy Patches were created by Paige in order to minimize the discomfort caused by medical ports to those going through cancer treatment. The two major product lines of Worthy Brands are patches focused on either those diagnosed with vision problems or those using chemoport care. The simplicity and yet the necessity of the products provided by Worthy Brands have helped it become quite popular. The company also sells a few accessories that go well with its products.

What’s the Latest?

Presently, Worthy Brands seems to be thriving under the leadership of Paige Brattin. Enthusiastic about the quality and usefulness of her products, she made an appearance in the premier episode of ‘Shark Tank’ season 15 to hopefully gain the financial and entrepreneurial backing of one of the legendary sharks who are always ready to invest in ideas they think will be profitable. Those interested in buying the products sold by Worthy Brands can actually make use of the company’s online website or mobile application.

Backed by medical experts, Worthy Brands products are designed keeping possible customers in mind. The See Worthy Patches are available in packets that can be bought for $27.50. Each of these packets contains 12 patches of each one of the four different designs, which are meant to last a month. The categories of these packets include the Animal Eye Patches, the Travel Eye Patches, and the Bugs Eye Patches, each containing unique designs of their own.

The See Worthy Patches also come in boxes that usually cost $28.50. The Snacks Patch Box, the Foodie Patch Box, the Aloha Patch Box, the Nature Patch Box ($27.50), the Adventure Patch Box, and the Magical Patch Box have a total of 48 patches, with four different designs, equivalent to a monthly supply. On the other hand, the Plane and Train Patch Box, the Flower Power Patch Box, and the Tropical Patch Box only have two designs, though they also contain a total of 48 patches. Additionally, the company also has the White Patch Box and the Black Patch Box, each of which contains 48 patches of white and black color, respectively.

As for Port Worthy Patches, there are four different boxes available, each costing $28.50 and containing 48 patches. The Flower Power Patch Box, the Tropical Patch Box, and the Hope Patch Boox have two different designs of patches, while the White Patch Box contains only white-colored patches. Additionally, the company also sells other accessories and products like the Patch Pouch ($24.99), the Online Gift Card (starting at $25.00), and the Mystery Patches ($4.50 for ten patches). Various combinations of these products are also available to be purchased as needed.

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