Xandi Olivier From Below Deck Is Quite Spiritual

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck,’ is a reality television series that is based on the life led by the crew on board a superyacht. Premiering in 2013, each season focuses on high-voltage drama, romance, and chaos life at sea brings. They go through a horde of experiences and learn to handle each other and the clients, who come in with all sorts of requests and expectations. Season 11 of the series is docked on the luxurious St. David and its staff with stewardess Xandi Olivier joining the crew as one of their latest new hires.

Xandi Olivier Comes from Pretoria, South Africa

Xandi is born on November 7, in Lynnwood, Gauteng, in a gorgeous suburb in Pretoria, eastwards of the foothills of the Magaliesberg mountains in South Africa. Her parents are Zani van Wyk and Wynand Van Wyk, and she also has a younger brother, Tjaart Olivier. The siblings are quite close-knit, and she calls him her ‘kryptonite,’ as he is the person she ends up missing the most during her trips. Xandi is also very close to her mother, and the latter is one of her greatest cheerleaders.

She also dotes on her toddler nephew, Michael Du Toit, and is often seen sharing adorable snaps with the child. Xandi completed her Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) in Supply Chain Management from the University of Pretoria in 2015. Then, she took up the job of a Sales Administrator with ASG Sports Solution in 2017 and sometime later relocated to Miami, Florida.

Xandi Olivier is Quite Spiritual Yet Funloving By Nature

While the series gives glimpses of how serious she is about her spirituality and mysticism, Xandi’s social media bio also mentions ‘Asena,’ a mythological she-wolf. She also includes in the caption, “The Wolf you feed is the Wolf that wins.” Xandi also seems to have several other interests other than focusing on the mystic and spiritual. Her social media has glimpses of her gorgeous photoshoots in some very exquisite locations. She also enjoys letting her hair loose once in a while and partying with close friends. Xandi is a fitness freak and shares videos of her workout sessions with fans on her socials to motivate them.

Xandi Olivier Loves Traveling the World

Xandi has a bit of a travel bug in her. Having worked for six years in the yachting industry, she has managed to travel to quite a few places, glimpses of which can be seen all over her socials. From St. Maarteen to the U.S Virgin Islands to Palm Beach to Mauritius, Xandi has traveled through all these places, and going by her wanderlust, she still has a lot more exploring left to do. She mentions her love for Charleston but clarifies that the fondness is not boat-related reasons. Nashville is another one of her favorites due to her love for country music.

Xandi Olivier is Quite Discreet About Her Dating Life

Fans of the gorgeous stewardess despite their intrigue about her dating life, will have to stay content with the fact that Xandi prefers to remain private about her romantic interests. Even though pictures with a friend, David Matthew Botha, from South Africa, led fans to speculate that she maybe was dating him, she neither confirmed nor denied the same. Her decision to not share many details about her dating life only indicates her desire to not let undue attention on her personal matters, especially those related to the heart. For now, it seems like Xandi’s travels and her family remain her priority, along with her work.

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